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Young: Delighted To Be Here

Ashley Young has again reaffirmed his happiness at being a Manchester United player, claiming there were no doubts in his mind over what to do when he heard our club were interested.

“I am just delighted to be here and get myself on the pitch,” said Young. “No disrespect for the Villa boys but as soon as I heard of Manchester United’s interest, I just wanted to get the deal done and start training. I can play left, right, off the front striker or as a main striker, so I just have to concentrate on my own game and wherever I am picked, do myself justice. The manager bought me for a reason, to get assists and goals and work hard for the team. If I can do that every time I am selected, my job is done.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. musvn says:

    good to hear!

  2. marshawash says:

    1st…..Welcome to manchester!, ashley, da gea, jones, and ……(CM), lol!

  3. FailsworthDevil (Manchester UK) says:

    Sneijder will happen…. towards the end of the transfer window… he has his heart on United… a very reliable… well prob the most reliable dutch media source is saying… someone who is media wise probably the closest to the Sneijder camp.

  4. FailsworthDevil (Manchester UK) says:

    Marcel Van der Kraan

  5. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    I was one of the few people who knew the importance of this signing before it even happened. Looking from the outside, Young doesn’t seem to offer a lot more than what Nani and Valencia have. But he has a lot more to offer. Most importantly, our spot kick conversion is going to improve dramatically this year. We always had the big men to get the goals but never had the delivery which was good enough. Young will provide that and it will make us much more of a goal scoring threat in general.

    Plus, he can naturally play on the left. He already seems to have something going with Evra and that perfectly weighted pass for Owen’s goal was beautiful. He can go out wide and cross with either foot or come inside and shoot like he did today.

    Overall, Young’s signing may have been underestimated by some among us. But once he starts having the impact I expect him to, I think everyone will see just how important a signing it is going to prove next season.

  6. Kings says:

    I had initial reservations about Young, but my views on him changed massively after he showed huge determination to join United. Anyone who shows that sort of deisre has my total respect. Welcome Ashley, hope you have a great time at what I consider to be the worlds greatest football club.

  7. Giles Oakley says:

    I always like to see Young players at United show the right attitude. This is a good start!

  8. Costas says:

    “Or as a main striker”? Oh goody. We are short in that department. ;)

  9. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    Still sceptical about him at the highest level, in the champions league we shall see if he can step up, however for the premier league he has shown up, even against the best teams but still i’m sceptical.

  10. TheCantonas says:

    Dont worry he has a lot potential. I’m sure SAF &coaches will make him a lot better player…

  11. Red Devil says:

    The way Obertan is playing, and if he can keep it up…Sir Alex is going to have a big problem fitting in all the wingers

  12. Red Devil says:

    Greetings Sir Giles..How are you?

    Costas..hello mate!

  13. Costas says:

    @Red Devil

    Hey pal. Hope you are well.

  14. Red Devil says:

    Yeah..i’m ok mate

    Just woke up early today to catch the game…what a fantastic way to start the day! :)

  15. King Eric says:

    Kings – Hello mate. Spot on. Not some fucking greedy cunt like alot out there. Wicked corner deliveries.

  16. King Eric says:

    samuel – Do you argue for the sake of it pal?

  17. willierednut says:

    Funny, how the worm has turned for Young. Lambasted, by many on here(including myself) for not being good enough. Now he is apparently lol. Bigger tests ahead for Ashley Young. Where will he play? Who’s place, will he take? All pertinent questions. The boss will have the answers, though.

  18. RedScottX says:

    Well,after his last two performances,am so optimistic about him..
    He gives us that extra goal threat,and great pace upfront.

  19. CedarsDevil says:

    Great attitude by Young, he seems to have settled in well…….


    Why confuse us with so many questions? Do you like asking a lot of questions? Is it in your nature? Are you by enlarge a curious person?

  20. willierednut says:


  21. classwithabrass says:

    @Samuel and Kings

    I want to talk about fact.

    Young has the second highest number of assist in the Prem in the last 4 years behind Cesc Fabregas. How can anyone doubt his ability at the top level? Apart from the final rounds of the CL there is no higher level of football.

    Young has only missed 8 league games in 4 years and has averaged 36 league games a season over that time. Compare this to someone like Gareth Bale who is younger but made of glass and you’ll see we have signed a top player for a hugely competitive price.

  22. King Eric says:

    classwithbrass – Err mate. Kings likes Young!!

  23. King Eric says:

    classwiththebrass – Yeah spot on about his injuries. Rarely injured and always plays.

  24. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    King eric – i don’t argue for the sake of it but sticking to what i think. young has yet to prove himself for united at the highest level, i’m sceptical about him but i’ll gladly put my hands up if he proves me wrong, i like players proving me or any doubter wrong, its up to ashley. don’t get me wrong, i think he is a good player but to play for united then he’d have to step up an ever higher level because expectations are high.

  25. classwithabrass says:

    @ King eric- oops! No offense Kings.

    Samuel- are you sceptical about our other signings this summer?

  26. Manchuchu says:

    Young has a sick final ball. Want him to succeed here.

    Maybe he can CM too. That would be sweet.

    Do not want Sneijder. He is overrated and a merc.

  27. willierednut says:

    I think Samuel is sceptical about life in general, me thinks. ;)

  28. Chica Chicha says:

    When can we see Ashley with Chicharito on the same pitch?
    With crosses coming from both flanks, time to lay a bet on Chica being top scorer this season.

  29. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:

    “No disrespect to the Villa boys- but you’re shite”

  30. WHAT ??? says:

    Easy Balaji :lol:

    Objectively, Young has been the best (most consistent) midfielder in the league since Ronaldo left imo. Its not often I’ll want Alex to sign a player in our league, but signing Young always made sense because he ticks all the right boxes. He’s fast, harder than he looks, rarely injured, scores loads, assists loads, good with both feet, English etc. Good to see a lot of our supporters admitting they wrote him off. I remember coming on here when he signed thinking WTF are these lot on about? Are they F-ing blind? Lol – Top player, and I like the space he creates for Nani, even if it was a friendly, its good to see Alex wants to free up Nani, thats exactly what we’ve needed imo, and watching him run into the final third more centrally looks promising. People forget Nani is a brilliant header of the ball, but how often does HE get delivery? We’ve had him tied him to the flanks because he’s our most creative player, but its a waste. Can you imagine Madrid just using Ronaldo to cross the ball from one side all game? Nani has bags more to his game than that, and all he’s needed is another player like him to create space for him so he can move – and vice versa – enter Ashley Young. Top Top signing, and we’ve still got Tony hard as nails Valencia. We look very strong already.

  31. Sparkz says:

    Yep, I said this when Young signed- I can’t understand people slating a guy who’s had such a great assists record over the years- with a poorer standard of strikers. He’s had the likes of Heskey, Agbonlahor and Carew….similarly to Dwight Yroke- if you put him with better players, you’ll get better results.

    Adds great variety and flexibility to our squad and attack IMO. Him, Nani and Rooney in the same line up will cause defences a lot of problems. They can all interchange into each other’s positions, we won’t be as rigid as we have been at times over the last couple years. It’ll bring back a fluidity we haven’t had since 08.

    Don’t get me wrong, there’ll be games where we’ll need a more direct type of player out wide, which is where Valencia comes in, he’s a massive asset to have. But I’m really excited about Young, not just coz of his talent- but coz hopefully it’ll bring even better results out of Nani- who I’d say is our most potent attacker along with Rooney.

  32. parryheid says:

    More than happy with Young signing think he will more than pay his way at United.

  33. scan74 says:

    welcome aboard ashley think he will do well for us always been impressive at villa last year last a bit below par but all of Villa struggled great delivery can hit a free kick n all gives us even more attacking options

  34. T4M says:

    Good lad..

  35. StatesideAussie says:

    I was skeptical about Young too. But what I’ve seen so far has been good and made me very confident about him.

    Samuel — he hasn’t had much opportunity to prove you wrong yet, has he? What do you think of what you’ve seen so far? I know it hasn’t been much, but would you agree he’s showing signs of having the right stuff?

  36. denton davey says:

    I haven’t watched either of the first two pre-season warm-ups. I have watched the highlights and they make it clear that the standard of opposition is simply woeful – they’ve made Gabriel Obertan look like a monster !

  37. King Eric says:

    Samuel – Fair enough pal. I have a feeling Young will excell at United. Certainly got the attributes and attitude.

  38. willierednut says:

    denton davey – Whisper it, I agree with you. Obertan always looks class on these tours. Then the real stuff starts and he’s back at square one. I still like to see him given another season, at least. He needs consistency in his game. He can only get that, with some game time.

  39. Red Devil says:


    Spot on mate….but the key part is at the end of your comment…

    He rarely gets game time….he barely played 4-5 games last season, and even some of them as a substitute and in the carling up when his teammates are not of the best level…its very difficult to impress in those kind of conditions with barely any game time to build up rhythm…which is what happens a lot to gibbo…you play 1 game in 7 or 8 and its very hard…

  40. Sparkz says:

    The thing is, with Nani, Valencia, Young and park all ahead of him in the wing department- how much game time will he get?

    Bear in mind that last season- Valencia was out for 6 months, and Park was out for 4 months. Yet STILL Obertan didn’t even rack up enough appearances to get a league medal. Maybe a loan move will get him the game time he needs, and then he’ll show what he’s made of?

  41. WHAT ??? says:

    @ Willie – with Obrtan I think his weight was a big factor as well. When he first signed I thought he looks promising but needs to hit the gym. Might have just been a friendly but thats the most composed I’ve seen him playing with the regulars, and his physique is a big part of that. One to watch I think, he’s still got a wicked shot, he’s always had a brilliant finish on him, and pace.

  42. willierednut says:

    WHAT??? – He had stamina issues as well. Remember he started the away game at West Brom and looked fucked after 20 minutes. To be fair also, I don’t pay much attention to pre season form. We’ve seen this from fringe players before. They look very good and then the competitive stuff gets going, they don’t look the same player/players. I think this season, is massive for a few of our players. The boss will assess all the lads, who are on the fringes of the first team squad. The most important thing for all these lads. If they get a chance, take it.

  43. WHAT ??? says:

    @ Willierednut – yeah, this is a big year for the squad, normally I don’t judge pre-season too far but with Scholes gone and Giggsy on his way we’re on the verge of a completely new team, so its interesting to see how hungry our players are. Your right with Obertan’s stamina and strength, so its always good to see visible improvements and to be fair him and Bebe impressed for the reserves. I’ve been patiently waiting for Nani to get a quality partner to free him from the flanks, so watching him and Young has been class. We can only be stronger if a player like Nani is given space to roam centrally, and when he does that Young gets space to exploit. Plus, when we need to play more direct, Valencia is till the best traditional winger in the League. I can’t wait for the season to start, but im enjoying this years pre-season more than most seasons.

  44. Kings says:

    classwithabrass – Hello mate. None taken buddy. The reason I had initial reservations on Young was because I didn’t feel we needed him due to the fact we already have plenty of wingers. I merely wanted the key issues addressed – A new keeper and a new midfielder. I have nothing against the lad, but as I said, the fact that he was determined to come to united means that I have nothing but respect for him. United will always come first as far as I am concerned, so anyone who respects the club to desperately want to join, gets my support and backing while he is wearing the shirt. As King Eric correctly said, he is not some greedy cunt, he is at United to win things. You are spot on about his stats mate and the good thing with this guy is he will give us some flexibility across the front line.

  45. denton davey says:

    WHAT ??? @ 18:57: “We can only be stronger if a player like Nani is given space to roam centrally, and when he does that Young gets space to exploit.”

    Totally agree with the comment regarding Nani being given more “space to roam”. This could be key to his “reaching the next level” because I doubt that we’ve seen the best of what he has to offer; there’s still more up-side to his game. Having some version of a 4-1-4-1 formation with the attacking four being given licence “to roam” could be incredibly exciting.

  46. james says:

    Great to hear Ashley! That is the perfect attitude, you and Chicarito should get along just SWELL.

    I am homosex


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