In the eight years Ashley Young has spent at Manchester United he’s learned to recognise he’s played for the biggest club in the world. He claims the team spirit is brilliant and that Alexis Sanchez has settled in straight away as a result.

The team spirit has always been unbelievable at the club and not just the longer-serving players. Alexis has just come in, it hasn’t taken him much time to settle because everyone welcomes you with open arms.

I think United is the biggest club in the world. I got a sense of it from my first pre-season tour to America. It was a long flight, I was tired and ready to go to my hotel room when we arrived. Then I saw the amount of fans outside the hotel, and they didn’t leave the whole time we were there.

I’m a private person and like to keep away from things when I’m not playing. But I understand as a United footballer, you’ll be recognised nearly everywhere and people want to have things signed or pictures taken. It’s part of the territory and you have to embrace it.

Young is 32 now but claims he’s as fit as he’s ever been and is doing all he can to bring further success to the club.

My legs might take a bit longer to recover after games but other than that, I feel as fit as ever. The manager has high standards he wants to keep. He enjoys a joke but when it’s time to get down to serious work, you need to be serious. As players you don’t have to be told. You will see people come back disappointed if they’ve lost a game in training. Our manager has a tough task trying to get everyone inside after training because everyone wants to stay out and better themselves. It’s that Man United mentality. There is no better feeling than success at this club.