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Young: Valencia Has It All

Ashley Young has sung the praises of our latest number 7, Antonio Valencia, after he won the Fans’ and Players’ Player of the Season in 2011-2012.

Young thinks that Valencia, who doesn’t have an agent, has it all and deserves all the praise that comes his way.

“Last season he had everything,” he told Inside United. “He attacks, he defends, he can shoot, he can cross, he can pass… he has it all and that’s why he scooped up everything at the end-of-season awards. It’s why the players voted for him and it’s why the fans voted for him. He’s fantastic to play with. Antonio, like every other player, knows how to look after himself as well – he knows what to eat, what to drink and he works closely with our fitness coaches.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    I echo your wishes. Im not Manchester born so I dont have the natural hate for Liverpool and even though its easy to jump on the band wagon point a finger and laugh at the unemployable tossers you have to remember that after Munich they were one of the first teams to offer Jimmy Murphy Liverpool players from their reserves to help us out in our hour of need. There is a time and place for sporting banter and rivalry and a time and place for respect. Mind you if they keep there heads bowed past the minute then let the singing begin. Give those fuckers an inch and they take a mile.

  2. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    Its bloody quiet in here isnt it. Hasnt Cedars come back? I realise they started a new forum but it seems a bit slow and tired without the regulars.
    P.S. Im not ignoring you Zibbie, just every time Im on your off and vice versa. No doubt come match time the crew will be back.

  3. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    There is always a finger to blame when there is a tragedy.

    The sad thing is it takes the light off the fact that the disastrous incident could have been avoided by competent staff that followed procedure.

    Munich or Hillsborough, are terrible events that nobody would wish on another club,lessons should be learnt and as human beings we should have empathy and respect the dead and celebrate how such a sad day has united the victims families and those affected to be more of a family club.

    Justice is just a perceptive, I’m just glad the victims families no longer have to worry about the name of their loved ones being besmirched.

  4. andy says:


    The report says quite clearly that alcohol was’nt a factor.

    The report also says that the gates weren’t rushed, there was a build up of pressure caused by inadequate turnstiles and relieved when the gates were opened.

    There weren’t too many people on the terrace, just in the middle pen because poor stewarding didn’t sort that out.

    Brian Clough blamed the fans! What does that fucking proove he was an idiot as well although not as big a one as you.

    Sometimes I’m actually ashamed of my fellow supporters.

  5. Proverb says:

    Yeah cedars has left a big big hole to be filled here
    He could master 200 odd comments on a single thread, which is very remarkable
    I’m with you on that @goat I hope the regulars would return home.
    This a united blog, and not one should upset them to the point of abandoning the best blog around, if there are issues should be addressed now.

  6. LoneStarRed says:

    Quote from Gladiator: ” He knows what Rome is. Rome is the mob. He will bring them death- and they will love him for it.”

    Few would deny that football brings out the visceral in many. That is expected and accepted. Add lots of alcohol and large crowds to that primal behaviour and you will find yourself in places doing things which would stun a sober person. Many people who have viewed video of themselves participating in riots after sporting events say they hardly recognize themselves. “What was I thinking, I don’t know” is a common statement. ” I can’t believe I did that” they say as they view themselves turning over that car and setting it on fire.

    Ochlocracy or mob rule in common parlance ,is at it’s core an uncontrollable , unpredictable beast. One does not need alcohol to provoke it. Large numbers and strong emotion suffice. And as either of those grows, the beast becomes harder to control and less rational.

    As I watched the British Prime Minister and the South Yorkshire Head Constable trot out their heartfelt apologies, it was hard not to be cynical. As I watched the obligatory Labour MP (who is much more for the people that the Conservative, or so we are told) castigate whomever for what happened I found it hard not be cynical. The PM seemed the most sincere. He should, as he is probably the best actor of them all.

    Long before us mobs have done terrible things which history has mostly been able to sweep under the rug or forget. Sometimes not but mostly. That Hillsborough has endured is testimony to many who would not forget. But again my cynicism wonders. Only a few of the many officials and chairpersons and community leaders trotted out to comment seemed to really care. Too many seemed to be there for the influence or acclaim. True tragedy has a way of taking away one’s desire for limelight and giving one a sincerity which is apparent even on a flatscreen. I saw too little of that sincerity yesterday. But I did see it in some and that portends hope for us as a race.

    As the cause and blame was assigned and the mean culpas were wailed ,I noticed something missing. The Police were blamed. The ambulance service was blamed. The government officials were blamed. The health service was blamed. That leaves me with a question.
    What part of the responsibility do the fans take in this? Who was consuming the alcohol? Who rushed the opened gates with no tickets? Who pushed forward and was suddenly gripped with the fear that the beast they were a part of had a will of it’s own?

    There are those who say that the crowd behaved as crowds are expected to. The fault of this very real tragedy lies with other parties. That many in authority neglected their duty that day there is no doubt. That those who are entrusted with the public safety were derelict there is no doubt. That those who are elected to lead and govern have not rooted out and made public the facts until now is a travesty is no doubt. But at the core of this is what Tonybee referred to when he spoke of seeing it all occur. The mob of fans, who were there to support their team were central to the deaths of other fans who were there to support their team. They were and are at the core of blamed that should be shouldered and shared with those agencies and leaders now added.

  7. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Andy
    The report says alcohol was not a factor. I suppose none of those who went in with no ticket and those who cause the overcrowding had been drinking.

  8. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Goat
    Excellent post about how things were at all stadiums at that time, what has to happened to get things to change and what had to happen to fund that change.

  9. iced earth says:

    “I have a very good relationship with David de Gea. We are very good friends. I have a lot of respect for him and I feel he has a lot of respect for me too. Anders Lindegaard

  10. Redbilly says:

    The point for me is the vast majority of blame was aimed at the Liverpool fans. This was clearly a lie and good for them getting the truth at last

  11. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Redbilly

    There is plenty of blame to go around. The LFC fans were the easiest and least influential to blame at the time so they got the brunt of it. This time around those agencies and officials who should shoulder some of that blame were finally named.

  12. MancunianRed says:

    I think the majority of Manchester United supporters always knew this was the case, many reds supported the scousers calls for justice, obviously the minority that sang Munich/Hillsborough chants taints that view but even those who sing it only do it to piss off the scousers. In general Mancs hate thatcher myself included, and im glad the truth is out. Who knows what happens from here though, very interesting to see who gets punished for this.

  13. King Eric says:

    BigHanky – Spot on pal. Teenagers and young people died that day and I would not wish that on anyone, even the vermin. A scandalous cover up.

  14. King Eric says:

    MancunianRed – Spot on pal. Like a mickey said on talksport tonight the Police won’t stand trial. Think of all the cases they have been involved with SINCE Hillsborough which could open a right can of worms. People been sent down will want their cases reviewing again as could the evidence in other cases be tampered with.

  15. King Eric says:

    RedBilly – Good posts pal. You well?

  16. LoneStarRed says:

    @ MancunianRed
    Gracchus the Senator in “Gladiator” who spoke the quote from my first post said something else at the beginning of that scene to a fellow Senator who was surprised to see him at the Coliseum to view gladiatorial matches. He said ” I don’t pretend to be OF the people but I do try to be FOR the people.”

    How many different PMs have there been since Thatcher? Have any been of parties which say they are OF the people more than the other? What have they done to uncover this? Nothing. They continued to obfuscate and cover-up. Our elected officials say way too much and do way too little to truly serve the public good.

    As for individual culpability in all this, the end game may well be for some lawyer to come in and initiate a class action lawsuit to redress the “wrongs” perpetrated on “these poor folks who were victims” . Of course if they are successful they will get to keep a not too small portion of the “award” with the rest divided amongst the aggrieved. I for one hope that does not happen.

  17. andy says:

    @ lone star red.

    I imagine some people had, have you had a pint at a game? The report said it wasn’t a factor. We either believe the report or we don’t. If we choose to not believe it because we don’t want to we can hardly carry on insisting that Suarez was definitely guilty of abusing evra based on the evidence simply because a report says he was. We can’t have it both ways.

  18. TonyBee says:

    andy,,go fuck yourself you cunt

  19. TonyBee says:

    andy…and fuck the report…I was fucking there and saw what went on so dont go shooting off at the fucking mouth quoting reports…and Brian Clough was an idiot…you fucking soft twat

  20. LoneStarRed says:

    Aah if it isn’t Andy? From where have you slithered to give us further evidence of your dearth of intellect? Have you ever heard the saying ” Better to keep silent and have people think you are an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” What was that you were saying Andy?

  21. andy says:


    Don’t call me a cunt you “never attend a match no mark”

    As i’ve just said. You didn’t say fuck the report over the suaraz incident. Like the rest of us you wanted to believe that. You don’t want to believe this because of your horrible sad little prejudices. Kanchelskis pointed out what a prat you are earlier he just didn’t want to antagonise you. I don’t visit this site often so don’t give a shit what you think. You are am absolute tool of the first order. Every decent normal person accepts what was written in those 400,000 pages with the exception of 1 or 2 people. You probably think the earth is flat and that elvis is alive too and tbh if 1 or 2 others on here weren’t so bothered about upsetting you they’d call you the cunt you balatantly are too Crawl back under whatever rock you live under you fucking prat, I’m ashamed you I support the same club you do.

  22. TonyBee says:

    as I said before Andy …GO FUCK YOURSELF

  23. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Andy
    Few who know me might call me decent or normal. With that said I have not read the “400, 000″ pages of this report. How long did it take you get through it?

    Comparing a 23 year cover-up where 96 people died to the vile actions of Suarez is just plain pathetic.

  24. dazbomber says:

    If the Liverpool fans had not climbed over the wall to get in for free none of this would have happened . if just the fans with tickets got in the ground and no else the tragedy would not have happened.I saw it unfold with my own eyes.Evey thing that followed was was terrible but to blame every one else is wrong.

  25. TheCANTONA says:

    September 13, 2012 at 17:53
    andy says:

    “Sometimes I’m actually ashamed of my fellow supporters.”

    HECK!! i thought u’re liverpool’s fan!!!!

  26. Capitano says:

    Hope Liverpool fans will learn from this, The hatred they show when they fly imaginary planes when we playing them, that they’ve been through hell like us!

  27. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Capitano

    Don’t hold your breath for that.

  28. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Dazbomber
    That is at the heart of the matter . No matter what happened afterward this was a major reason for the deaths. I have to think that there was NO WAY the local officials were prepared for a mass casualty scenario, thus the slow or no decision making , follow up actions and ensuing deaths of those suffering from avulsion (crush) injuries.

  29. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    As Ive said before, a tragic accident but fuck me if the scousers arent milking this.
    I honestly believe that if the Nazis during the war were Scouse they would still be whinging and whining over a very high gas bill.

  30. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Goat
    Tasteless, funny and yes they milk EVERYTHING.

  31. TheCANTONA says:

    yes they sold the word “justice” CHEAPLY….

  32. salford6 says:

    Being a Salford red and brought up to hate the scousers I have to say I’m ashamed to read some of these “fans” bigoted views on the Hillsborough disaster. Yes the scousers were involved, but it could have been utd on that day (of course all of our fans are just fucking saints aren’t they!). It has now been PROVEN BEYOND DOUBT that they were not to blame, what more proof is needed to prove the contrary? Did some of you pricks bother reading the report, or are you just too stuck in your ways to accept facts? On Saturday ill be more careful what I chant but it won’t change my opinion of Liverpool – after all I’m there to support utd, like the fans of Liverpool were there for the 96. Maybe some of you keyboard trolls might see a game at OT one day! I fucking love united but more importantly cherish life. Stop being low-lives and show some level of respect.

  33. Ice Cube says:

    96 people died at a football match, some people need to fucking get a grip. Imagine if that was one of your family. There are some major fucking arseholes and they give club’s a bad name. Hillsborough was nothing short of a national tragedy. I can’t stand how they forget Heysel, but I also have sympathy for what happened in Sheffield.

    Just think, the the police proceed to change official police statements to suit their cover up, a inquest that was a farce and then lies spread to the media. They then hide the truth for 23 years, both Labour and Tory governments kept that from people who had lost their loved ones at a poxy game.

    I don’t give a shit if it is Liverfool, this shit is bigger than football, it just happened to happen a football match, it could have been one of ours.

    This country is corrupt to the core and it’s only getting worse, this is just one of the symptoms. We have consistent governments spying on us, it’s CCTV, communications monitoring and soon to be everything you do and say on a phone and everything you do on the internet……all the while trying to bring in SECRET COURTS! We help the yanks torture people who have not been tried by any court, let alone a kangaroo one and we are Allies in a couple of illegal occupations with the Yanks, who blow people who they SUSPECT as bad people in other countries with drones. No wonder people have issues with us and we need surface to air missiles to host a sporting celebration like the Olympics FFS.

    This shit with Hillsborough is part of some wider shit that nobody seems to bothered about. Well, not until it’s one of theirs…. This shit matters, because it highlights to people how bad things can be. If it takes 23 years to get the facts released on Hillsborough, what else do we not know.

    sorry for the rant, but this is a tip of an iceberg. I hope they get justice.

  34. TonyBee says:

    Goat.., you summed it up … A tragic accident… But now ‘Andy’ and his like will try and justify their own agenda over this report …as will the Scousers ….. Not interested in anyone else’s views .., I have my own views over this sad affair and if that makes me out to be a cunt then so be it …. been called worse.

  35. kanchelskis says:


    What exactly is the ‘agenda’ of Andy ‘and his like’?

    Cos yours is pretty fucking obvious. Petty tribalism at its most warped extreme.

    What’s Andy’s? Ice Cube’s? Could it be decency? Rationality? The realisation that some things are bigger than what team you support?

    I know which ‘agenda’ I prefer.

  36. TonyBee says:

    Lone star red . Apologies didn’t read fully your post at 18:07.
    Agree that all are to blame fans, police even the FA… All should shoulder some responsibility but the Scousers are looking for scapegoats

    Goat and Proverb…. There are a few on here that won’t want Cedarsdevil back on ROM.. You know .., the ones that have had spats with him…. Disappeared then resurfaced since his departure saying the blog is better without him and his so called clique

  37. TonyBee says:

    Ooooh didn’t think it would be long before the blog policeman slithered in… Slimy little weasel .

  38. TonyBee says:

    Kanchelkis agenda in this casei feel is to shift the ble soley onto the authorities. I am not being ‘tribal’ I’m my views . As I have said previously on here I was there… I attended the match and after and during the’incident’ I assisted the hugely overwhelmed emergency services. I know the pressure that the ambulance services and police were under at the time and no report now will change mind.
    I consider myself both rational and decent and slightly tribal .. If this upsets you or offends your reasoning to be honest I could nt give a
    We can see there is a problem between us here on ROM as our views differ and before we start a slanging match shall we just agree to dislike each other. I shall not respond directly to any of your posts again as it would be a waste of time dealing with someone as sanctimonious as yourself

  39. kanchelskis says:


    Fine. You wallow in your ignorance. You’re obviously beyond help.

    All I can say in summary is is thank God that in the end there were enough people around entirely unlike you. to finally get to the truth.

    By which I mean the one that’s in a 400-page rigorous report that’s taken 3 years to put together with some 450,000 evidence documents.

  40. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    Simple way to sum it up. Go to a liverpool match, ask the fans who they are and what they do for a living. You will find one or two are policemen, one or two ambulance staff, some might work for LFC, some may work as administrators at the council. Some might work as building safety officers, some may work at the 999 call center, some may work ………………………
    All the people at fault? Why do the uneductaed general populous have this view of us and them. We are them, they are us.

    The report DOES NOT put blame on anyone just highlight some failings. Changing a report to make people look better in the light of day is a million miles from condemning someone to the courts and toi stand trial.
    It really is sad with this pathetic hard done by attitude that isnt solely the bed the scousers seem to want to lie in. Grow up and realise it was an accident, the emergency services and the FA are made up from the general populous not some heartless computers.

  41. DreadedRed says:

    Everyone is out to get us! We are the enemy.

  42. kanchelskis says:

    Haha. So now we’re supposed to feel sympathy cos the people who failed are people, with feelings and that.

    Never mind the feelings of the families of those who died because of their failings; failings that were insititutionally airbrushed out of history.

    Proper mental the lengths that some people will go to to justify their ridiculous viewpoint. Proper mental.

  43. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    where have i said i dont care about the dead people and airbrushed them out of history.
    May I tell you something that might shock you. Every single person who is born at some point dies. If you dont move on then you spend all of life thinking about death.

    You also say that it is “proper mental” the lengths that people go to justify their ridiculous viewpoint. How is just let it go, enjoy life and that the people who made mistakes are people themselves a ridiculous view point. Its you that is blinkered, its you that havent changed your stance despite differing opinions to your own. Now thats mental! Of course the people who have lost loved ones will grieve, thats only natural but to blame people for manslaughter is madness as no one was in charge of a tradegy. It was the first time. There were failings but thats all they were.

    I wont discuss it more as now its boring.

  44. kanchelskis says:


    “Every single person who is born at some point dies.”

    SHIT! NO WAY!!!1

    Oh, it’s alright them. Fuck ‘em all.


  45. TonyBee says:

    You said it … You are the one that won’t drop
    it …, seems your point of view MUST be valued above all others….
    everyone else is a cunt or tribal for not agreeing with your point of view. No one commented on the grief and suffering held by relatives of the deceased rather focusing on others trying to lay blame whilst avoiding part blame themselves .., called passing the buck in anyone’s language. If the’report is to be believed and I stress believed many were at fault. And if the police falsified evidence they should be held accountable of course… But they won’t be as the fans that forced their way in won’t be either

  46. kanchelskis says:

    Also, I never said you didn’t care about the dead people, merely that your argument seemend to imply that you cared more for the precious lives of the people who committed errors that day, than the lives of people whose loved ones died in appalling circumstances.

    I also didn’t say you did any airbrushing. I said the authorities did. The report has concluded this beyond refutation.

    Stop twisting people’s words.

  47. TonyBee says:


    I took issue with ANDY and you jumped in, on your fucking high horse as usual, opening mouth before engaging brain and started posturing about this and that…I think we are agreed that we each think the other is a cunt and the no amount posting is going to change my view of that tragic day….

    Now that is the last I will post on this subject


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