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Zaha Deal Finally Confirmed

After months of speculation, Manchester United have today confirmed that has a deal has been agreed with Crystal Palace to sign Wilfried Zaha, although he will spend the rest of the season on loan with his current club.

“I am delighted to be joining Manchester United and ending the recent speculation,” said Zaha.

Zaha had been linked with a move to Arsenal as well, the team he supports, but he recently took to Twitter to criticise them. “I swear I’m not watching arsenal anymore,” he said. “I am an Arsenal supporter but they stress me out.” He also retweeted criticism from Mark Bright which read: “Arsenal are poor. Plain and simple. It’s so annoying watching them, used be made of steel. Now, papier mache!”

By Far The Greatest Team looks at Zaha’s playing history

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  1. Ralph Milnes left foot says:

    great signing considering the way our wingers are performing at the moment although would have preferred him straight away rather than in 6 months

  2. Kevkev says:

    Welcome back Saha :)

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Welcome to the Club son. Hope you do well here.

  4. waynEMIRooney says:

    great talent, but typical english lad, overpaid.

    but lets hope for the best !

    Good Luck Zaha ! from Malaysia !

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Who is Wilfred Zaha:

    Some observations:
    Crystal place since he was 12yo, well spoken, committed christian.
    Now 20yo 1.8meters = 5’11″
    Agent is Lionel Morgan (you should read this guys bio as well, former england player, injured at 21, never recovered)

    Born in Ivory Coast, but capped 1 time as a senior England player after playing at both U19 and U21.
    Fast, good on the ball, 2 footed.
    Ran rings around United and Arsenal defenses in cup runs last year.

    Rumor has it that the fee is 10m raising to 15m with performance guarantees.

  6. Ruudboy says:

    SAF, pls check out Tiote from Newcastle… He can provide dt steel we need in our midfield. And also Iker Muniain from Athletico Bilbao and let him play alongside Cleverly…

  7. Costas says:

    Welcome aboard kid.

  8. BayoRed says:

    Finally! Wish him luck, hope he can take the scrutiny that comes with being RED

  9. Proverb says:

    Cheers @fletch
    Zaha is being louded to be the next nani but the letter is very consistent well…
    I would take a consistent nani over ronaldo lol, hopefully the kid doesn’t disappoint us

  10. Aj says:

    Bout time, all this got extremely boring, finally the media can move on and stop obsessing. Good player, not cleverley/ welbeck league but good none the less!

  11. FletchTHEMAN says:

    SAF “We like to sign players with potential. We develop players & that’s been proven many times. Hopefully the boy enjoys it here”

    Zaha: “I’m delighted to be joining Manchester United and ending the speculation. I thank the owners at Palace for making the move possible. My focus for the next five months will be solely at Crystal Palace”

    Love January signings! Always feels a bit special.

  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Aj says:

    Bout time, all this got extremely boring, finally the media can move on and stop obsessing. Good player, not cleverley/ welbeck league but good none the less!”

    Always nice to see a grumpy madam putting a downer on the deal. How can anyone place doubts when he’s yet to kick a ball for united?. I think it’s a good move, another wise style of fergie moulding another team, he’s been gathering all these fantastic prospects for a while now, getting a step ahead of most clubs.

    Zaha has all the qualities and potential, he has now been given the platform to build his talent. He looks like one of those classy wingers, full of trickery and guile, style and swagger. He looks confident and has come in with the belief that he can shine on the grand stage.

    I remember watching him in the league cup against united and he single handedly battered united from pillar to post, beating players with technique and dribbles, making us look foolish. I don’t want to make any comparison as he’s far from that level yet but it looked a ronaldo moment and although most fans felt frustrated, fergie’s probably kept a closer inspectiom on him since. zaha never looked fazed under the bright lights of oldtrafford. Welcome to united, keep your head down and putting in the shift to aid your talent

  13. parryheid says:

    Oh just great another one for the future.What about the here and now?Where’s our midfielder so much for our no business in the transfer window and lets neglect the midfield for another year.Big mistake.

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Photo of Zaha at Bridgewater hospital about 30min ago. staff reporting he will be at Carrington after.!/FletchTM/media/slideshow?

    This might be the last medical at Bridgewater as the new Carrington facility is almost ready.

  15. Lutman says:

    Do we really need another winger?

  16. alfREDo says:

    Welcome Wilfried,
    good to have you onboard!

    Got a good feeling about this kid – potential matchwinner,
    Would have liked him to have a say in this title run-in though!

  17. markynorbs says:

    He is a great young talent!
    Does this me Nani days are numbered in due time?

  18. Kagawa The Shirt-seller says:

    So we will have 4 wingers to run rings around defences.

  19. LexxytheRed says:

    Great Signing, should be able to dispose one of our frankly ineffective wingers this season!

  20. samuel - united WE stand says:

    markynorbs says:

    He is a great young talent!
    Does this me Nani days are numbered in due time?”

    His days are numbered, yes, on his Dolce gabbana watch. Deary me, why can’t a signing be made without another quality player losing its status, why does united have to weaken itself? The club is gathering up another great squad and fergie wants to keep nani, something i agree with, hopefully a new deal can be worked out.

  21. Jorgen says:

    Haha! If Arsenal stress you out, welcome to United, son!

  22. Proverb says:

    I hope he has this toughness about him cause from now on he will be put under the microscope and if he can’t suck in the pressure and the scrutiny of playing in a world class team like united, then its 15m wasted
    Hopefully he turns out to be the player we all would like to see him become

  23. Jay says:

    YungZaha as he likes to be called on Instagram is no wall flower and has the confidence in my opinion to succeed. However even if it has been reported we paid £10 million for him it is too much for a championship player, I would of liked us to have made an attempt to buy a quality in midfielder with that money.

  24. bRed says:

    Welcome to the Theatre Of Dreams Zaha!

  25. Ash says:

    Welcome Son. Hope he has a great future here. We have good core of young english players

  26. Red Robin says:

    I still dont see the urgency of buying Zaha, and I dont understand the price and the hype surrounding him. And we have so many players with similar position like Nani, Young, Tony V, and even Welbeck and Bebe. If its about growing the talent, why dont we just give our youth players the chance.

  27. cbr-jet says:

    Have any of you moaning actually watched this kid ? Very very talented and if anyone can get the best out of him fergie can great signing !!!!

  28. denton davey says:

    RuudBoy @ 11:15: “SAF, pls check out Tiote from Newcastle…”

    I don’t think so – Tiote just isn’t talented enough. Besides, the game has moved on – holding midfielders are now like MC16 or BIscuits , comfortable on the ball and with an eye to breaking up attacks, not breaking up attackers. The only player in that “destructikon” mode that I would rate is Nigel De Jong and, obviously, he was never on SAF’s radar.

    The other guy at Newcastle – Yohan Cabaye – is worth a gander but I think that if SAF is finally looking to reinforce the midfield then someone like Wanyama of Celtic, or Strootman of PSV or Bender of Borussia Dortmund are all bigger AND better players.

  29. King Eric says:

    Ha Tiote? Fucking garbage hatchet man.

    As for Zaha those doubting him just watch him tear United apart two seasons ago. We couldnt live with him that night. Picking the ball up from deep and beating men for fun.

    Welcome aboard Wilf.

  30. mig78 says:

    Great signing!

    Beautifully red has got some nice gifs of his goals/assist here.

  31. UnitedFaithful says:

    Never seen the lad play.Hope this signing serves as a wake up call to our current wingers that their place in the starting line up is not given.

  32. parryheid says:


    have you actually watched our midfield? I havent watched Zaha but what relevence has he to our midfield.

  33. wazza!!!! says:

    Welcome Zaha
    Goodbye Welbeck

  34. Gopher Brown says:

    I don’t want to be negative at all, especially as we haven’t seen him play for United yet, but he’s very one-footed from what I’ve seen. He’s always contriving to get the ball onto his right foot to cross it from the left, much like Ashley Young and Nani when they play on the left.

    I assume he’ll be in the rotation next season, although it seems we are very right-footed on the wings.

  35. calebkzh says:

    We should be happy about a new signing and some here are moaning and whining, when he hasn’t even donned the red shirt or had one cap for United. I remember how he made our backline look like fools in the League Cup, and I look forward to seeing him push the envelope here. Not only will he develop, but he will keep the other wingers in the team on their toes.

  36. Robbo2Keano says:

    @ Gopher
    My thoughts exactly! i don’t see why we went for another RIGHT footed winger. I would give nani more credit for using his left peg!!

    on another note is he is going to be on 30+ K a week?? why couldn’t we meet pogba’s financial demands? after all he (pogba) plays in a position that our team is most lacking. there is no one in this current squad that can give carrick a rest, without us feeling insecure. Pogba, though we may criticize him is doing a proper job for juve and i am sure could of done the same here.

    Don’t mean to dampen the news of a new signing, i just feel like we are ignoring our area of weakness (CM) while adding to something we have in abundance, skillful RIGHT footed wide players, if he was left footed al-la giggs or even luke shaw, i would be a little happier

  37. Tope99 says:

    The value of money in football is bad. Chelsea but Ba for less than 10milli and ba is someone who is proven and we buy a championship player for about 15 milli … Good signing though.

  38. Daniel88 says:

    @ fletchTHEMAN

    ” committed christian ”
    - LOL !!!. This was genuinely one of the funniest comments I have seen in a while.

    @ Lutman

    ” Do we really need another winger? ”
    - What ?. With the awesome options we have with no bollocks Ashley Young, Valencia’s form in the toilet and Nani who stunk OT out last game but he wants to be payed like RVP.

    Yes. I wouldn’t have let him go out on loan.

  39. The One says:

    Great Signing!!

    A lot of stupid people making stupid comments on here as usual….SIGH!!!

  40. The One says:

    Our rivals better beware of our counter attacks next season….hahaha!!!

  41. King Eric says:

    wazza – Ha Welbeck fucked your bird or summat? Every “two word” post you put on here is slagging Danny off.

  42. King Eric says:


  43. jaschadavid says:

    i suspect Zaha isnt an Arsenal fan as they dont usually not criticise their team. unless of course zaha a plastic gunner

  44. bRed says:

    lol – wazza’s comments always make me laugh.


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