Zlatan Ibrahimovic re-signed for Manchester United this week although won’t be able to play until after the New Year.

Speaking about the club, Ibrahimovic claims he always knew that United was a big club but just didn’t realise how big it is until playing for us.

Wherever you go, you see a fan. When I walk into the city you see a red shirt, talking about the club, the players, they have a passion for football and that gives you extra motivation and I’m happy to meet the people. They either see you on TV or at the stadium so you want to give them a moment of this happiness when they see you. We have a lot of talks [with fans]. They’re happy.

I knew United as a club has the biggest fanbase in the world, probably, but to really understand it you have to be a part of the club and move around the team and feel it even more, that is when you understand how big [it is]. When you’re with the team and feel the fans, you realise it’s even bigger than you think it is.

It didn’t take long for United fans to invent a chant for Ibrahimovic and the striker claims that his children know the words.

My children knows the song, 100 per cent! I am the one, sometimes I like to joke around, who tries to joke around with the children and try to sing the song but they’re not there yet. If I go slowly, then maybe I catch it!

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