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PICTURE: Zoran Tosic With United Shirt

Zoran Tosic, who was given a work permit last week which enables him to join United in January, has been seen out with a United shirt. Following Dimitar Berbatov signing a United shirt before he’d officially sealed the deal with the club, Tosic has gone one step further and actually looks set to try it out the shirt for size.

“I was told that about 10 days ago that Manchester had sent a request for my work permit which is now granted,” Tosic said. “I know nothing more, or what will be the next steps, but I suppose that I have a few games left for Partizan.”

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    lets hope he can add more quality on the wings

  2. RedDevil says:

    And lets hope he doesnt wear those pink boots! They are horrible! :sad:
    Nike has lost it big time. Red, Yellow and White boots rule. Blue, Grey and pink are not so good.

  3. Drew Vader says:

    What the hell is the lad wearing? Hopefully Vidic can help him out with some fashion tips once he gets over here

  4. Unibrown says:

    Let just hope he play well,and let he meet c.ronaldo to give he a pair of boot.

  5. Gary says:

    This lad has got heaps of talent, lets hope he can settle in with life in England, having Vidic around will help him.

    I think it is also a clear indication that Fergie is losing faith in Nani, like alot of reds. Nani hasnt improved at all since he joined the club. When I see Nani’s name on the team sheet I do groan.

  6. Ishaq(South Africa) says:

    do you think his ready enough for atleast a bench role?

  7. Bob Koh says:

    Get out of the ugly blue top! Out of the blue, into a Red!
    Vidic will feel less homesick next year.

  8. trashtalk united says:

    i like the jacket he’s wearing.. just the pants i dont feel/..

  9. Oooodz says:

    I’m not confident that he’s thrilled to be joining us from what I read there.

  10. father says:

    let us hope he will be signed on january coz u never know things change

  11. in moscow we made it 3 says:

    Nani is going to have to buck his ideas up now, the way he has been playing has lead me to wonder if he is really going to make it as a united player, but u never know what can happen. Iv not seen anything at all of this guy just hope he can add something to the team, he has got a job on his hands if he is going to replace park though coz he is doing a really good job for the team l8ly

  12. swapnil says:

    gary:i don’t think fergie’s buying him because he’s losing faith with nani..its probably because ronaldo isn’t going to be here for long(we have to accept that)

  13. Stretford 972 says:

    He’s been brought in because we need another winger anyway, ever since giggs has moved inside. not because ronaldo is goin, there’s no way on this planet that this guy in big enough to take over from the best player in the world. however i do agree with the argument that nani is really startin to irritate, he needs to sort out his decision making and bulk up, then he’ll be a united player.

  14. suhayl says:

    tosic is SEEN as a long term rep for giggsy if he fulfills his potential….NOT a rep for ronaldo

  15. Oooodz says:

    Fergie has just said we definitely will not be signing anyone in January????

  16. Adam says:

    Looks like he’s been caught in a sports shop and had a United shirt shoved in front of him.


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