1. Nani replicated a freekick style which Cristiano Ronaldo proved to be very successful. Get it on target. Scoring isn’t essential but as long as you force a save from the keeper, you’re massively increasing your chances of a goal. Good on him for bagging another of his own as well. He’s in absolutely brilliant form. 8 games. 3 goals. 6 assists.
2. Chicharito was in the right place at the right time to put us ahead. Looking back to the start of the summer for the World Cup, the pre-season and this season, he’s scoring a lot. Struggled to get in to the game though and needs to take lessons from Dimitar Berbatov for his first touch.
3. Dimitar Berbatov had a fantastic game. He came deep, he attacked the wings, he got in the box, he shot from distance, he assisted the second goal… but it all counts for little when you miss sitters a few yards out. Michael Carrick could hardly believe it, after chugging away down the right to play in a perfect ball, only for Berb to stab it wide. Shouldn’t have mattered, but in the end, it did.
4. Carrick was anonymous like last season, with the exception of what should have been an assist for Berb, and Anderson, for his effort in bringing the ball forward, was off the pace. Still stand by my pre-match thoughts that these two had to start though.
5. Great to see Rafael starting today! He wasn’t faultless but by and large he had a great game at right-back and I look forward to him being a more permanent fixture.
6. You have to wonder what is going on with Patrice Evra. He’s a mile off the
7. The first goal was embarrassing enough. What was the point of Anderson and Chicharito forming a wall if they were just going to jump over the ball?
8. But the second goal was just ridiculous. Poor Edwin. I agree with Ferguson when he says the last time he did a fuck up like that was probably primary school.
9. Wayne Rooney, unsurprisingly if we’re honest, was not the saviour we were hoping for today. Tried hard but first touch still crap.
10. Booing the team off the pitch. Classy. Fuck off back to Wembley you daft cunts.