Most of you are aware that this blog is linked with the forum, which manages to itself up to date on all the latest goings on at United, thanks to the wonderful members.

Now, with the season over and most of our players absent from Euro 2008 because of their countries’ failure to qualify, the summer had the potential to drag.

However, thanks to a thread created back in January, coupled with a very annoying man called Calderon, the forum has been alive and well!

Real have reportedly made Ronaldo their top summer target, with Chelsea striker Didier Drogba also linked with a move to the Bernabeu, as the Spanish champions seek to underline their status as the world’s most glamorous footballing power.

This was the introduction to the thread started on January 2008, which has lasted months, reaching an incredible 104 pages long.

The responses in this thread tracked the saga from start to finish…

Same shit, different day.

More chance of Gerrard getting a Premiership winners medal….

Never going to happen. This is the most exciting team in Europe/the world at the the moment. He would be mad to even think about going to Real.

Oh Calderon….

If he want to go, let him go, we’ll create another superstar. But, they have to break world record to get him.

He’s been completely and utterly misquoted. We all know he wants to play in Spain ONE DAY and he simply reiterated that and if anything admitted that it might never happen. If you’ve actually seen the interview then you’d hear him say that it’s a dream, but sometimes dreams don’t happen and he’s happy at United and learning, so now is not the right time to leave. So it’s more good news than bad.

He wont be going anywhere. Hes always saying that he loves life at United and that he is at the right club where we can win a lot of trophies. Plus there is no way that Fergie would sell Ronaldo.

Like it or not, he said what he said. It seems to me like he’s keeping his options open. He’s happy here but he would also happily go to Real.

Footballers should be seen and not heard.

They have now resorted to pure hearsay rather than misinterpreting interviews. Gotta love the Spanish press.

I just don’t care anymore either way, because until he comes out and says he’s not going anywhere this will continue. My feeling is he wants to flirt with the possibility so I’m tuning out; he’ll either be in a red or white shirt next season and either way we’ll be fine.

Get fucked you Spanish cunts.

I just watched some of Cristiano’s press conference at the Portuguese training camp. He said everything would be clarified in 2-3 weeks. Whatever that means.

Becoming a real billy big boots. Any future agreement made by the club with him should have conditions that he keeps his trap shut about his future.

This ‘2-3 weeks’ thing doesn’t sound good to me at all. I have a bad feeling about what he is saying there. If they offer around 100million, do we bite their hands off?

The man must be the biggest media whore on the planet. He’s loving all the attention.

I am feeling very disappointed with Ronaldo now. We treat him like a superstar and this is how he repays us?

If Cristiano comes out and says he wants to go to Real, we should let him go ASAP. No point in forcing a player to stay when his heart is going to be elsewhere.

I just read the Fergie interview again and honestly, there is no way Ronaldo will be joining Madrid this summer. Whether it makes sense financially to sell him or whether there is no point in keeping an unhappy player, Fergie couldn’t have made his position any clearer. Do you honestly think he’d allow himself to lose that amount of face? These are the kind of rows Fergie never loses.

Hopefully Querioz will step in with some amazing speech that convinces Ronny to stay. Just like after the World Cup. Or just wishful thinking?

Time to say goodbye and demand a world record transfer fee. He’s done well for us and we should now wish him luck. Robinho & Benzema in return will do very nicely…

Honestly! I’ve had it up to HERE with him! He’s such a spoiled fucking brat! Does he not realise what this club has done for him? I mean if he is holding out for a better contract at United, my question is WHY? He’s bloody on 120 Grand a week anyway! I’m sure the extra 30 Grand a week will make your life so much fucking easier! My god i actually couldn’t give two flying fucks if he goes now, he’s got no respect for the club, his team-mates and the fans. He is a teasing bastard, why not just say, I’m staying at United or I’m going to Real? I’ll tell you why, because he’s still a stupid boy who craves attention and he’s getting it.

Toodles Ronaldo. Now we need to tell Madrid to SHOW US THE MONEY! I had a strong feeling this was coming when he made those ambiguous comments about where he was going to be next year. Well glad this is done early and we can focus on getting some reinforcements.

It seems the old “told his closest friends” story has everyone up in a heap! If, and I think it’s still a big if, Utd decide to sell Ronaldo, then I think we should look for cash only. Forget swap deals including Robinho.

Bayern didn’t sell us Hargreaves for a year and did so pretty much on their terms. They got a great price for the guy and used the money, along with other cash to re-bulid their side. They didn’t just sell him as soon as we came knocking and it was as obvious then that Hargreaves wanted to go as it is with Ronaldo now.

I know Fergie claims he’s mellowed recently but I’m sure the old hairdryer is getting warmed up as we speak. Oh to be a fly on the wall……

If he says he wants to go, I will gladly get on a plane and help him pack his cases. Though of course, I will be expecting him to pay me a bit for my help, I don’t want to be his slave.

Let’s not lose site that Ronaldo’s still a great player so for some to start bashing him just because of this whole summer transfer situation is way over the top. I don’t want him to go but would have been fine if that was the end result because we do have talent on the team that could possibly pick up the slack. I don’t buy all of this talk of us not doing well without him though, which is why I didn’t want the club to be held hostage by anyone.

I have heard a rumour that Real had their application for a $70m loan rejected. So it’s possible we talked with Real, only possible, not definite. Regardless, he is staying. I won’t feel great about whatever he achieves anymore, he doesn’t love United the way I do.

The press played a huge part on this game but they also need a starting point! And both Real and Ronaldo gave them a good one.

Ronaldo hasn’t actually come out and said he wants/wanted to leave so I don’t see why our fans should be negative towards him, I certaintly won’t be.

Still a month too late. But I guess from his point of view, he didn’t know whether Madrid would break the bank for him. If I was Ferguson coming to the end of this, I’d try and use this failure on Madrid’s part to convince Ronaldo they don’t want him, and value him, as much as we do.

Fergie should have a little wager with Ronaldo, score 40 goals this season and I’ll let you move to Madrid, score less than 40 and I’ll sell you to Spartak Moscow. Give you some proper weather to bitch about.

I’ve got a lot of respect for him to come out and say that he is to blame for all the upset between the clubs – at least he is taking responsibility and he’s said his desire was to go to Madrid.

I’m going to take Ronaldo at his word, and it was good to read his admission that he didn’t handle the transfer situation well. I don’t doubt that he wanted to leave knowing that United would be properly compensated he might just not have realized that money doesn’t always replace what you’ve lost and I suspect Fergie might have mentioned that as well. He’s a special player without question, and even if we would have gotten 100mil for him it wouldn’t have replaced the talent.

Can we at last enjoy being Champions of Europe now…without any transfer saga to distract us?