I’m sure I wasn’t alone in groaning upon hearing that Gary Neville would be marking Ronaldinho last night. Rafael had a hard enough time in the first leg and he’s fast, whilst Neville struggled to keep up with the Wolves players at the weekend.

However, I was happy to be proven wrong, with Neville doing enough defensively to keep AC Milan quiet. Whilst speed is never going to be his strength, physically he put them under a lot of pressure and actually had a fairly decent game.

Whilst his crossing was pretty dreadful at times, he delivered the most important cross of the game, when providing Wayne Rooney with the opportunity to head home to make it 1-0 after 13 minutes.

Sir Alex Ferguson has sung Neville’s praises for his ability to come back after so long out injured and still do a job for us. 

“He’s a remarkable man,” Ferguson said. “When you’ve been out of the game for a year and half it’s not easy to come back and play every week at the age of 34 and now 35. He succeeded because of his will to succeed and that’s really what Gary Neville is all about.”