Craig Bellamy has just signed for the club he supported as a boy, which is weird, because I thought he did that in 2006.

February 21st 2006: “I’m not just here [Blackburn] for a season and then going to say ‘Thanks a lot’,” said Bellamy. “I want to try and do as well as I can for Blackburn.”

June 22nd 2006: “The fact that it was Liverpool made it impossible for me to turn down the move. As I’m a fan, it doesn’t matter what club I was at – I could never turn Liverpool down. You get the chance to play for Liverpool and it’s a lifelong dream come true.”

July 14th 2006: “For me it is the biggest club because this is the club I supported and so there’s no club bigger than Liverpool for me. I’ve got a real hunger and drive to do well because it’s one thing coming to a club like Liverpool and another thing to be a really good player here. I enjoyed my time at Celtic because that was another club I wanted to play for. I’ve played for Celtic, represented my country and now I’m at Liverpool so in that sense it’s been a very successful career for me but I’m missing trophies and I want my time at Liverpool to bring medals.”

August 17th 2010: “I am excited at the prospect of wearing the shirt and playing for the club I’ve supported since I was a boy.”

Bellamy has clearly been hanging out with Robbie Keane and Mesut Ozil.