The Sunday Mirror will be reporting tomorrow that Wayne Rooney slept with £1000 a night prostitute, Jennifer Thompson, whilst wife Coleen was pregnant with their son Kai. They claim that Rooney has broken the news to her this evening with the papers revealing the story on sale in the morning. It will be reported that this wasn’t a one off but a repeated affair with the 21-year-old, meeting up in hotels and going out on dates. It apparently went on for four months, ending in October, and Kai was born in November.

However, Rooney is not one of the two supposedly high profile England players who currently have injunctions out on stories about them, and made no attempt to get an injunction.

Rooney was outed as a brothel goer before he joined United on two occasions. He was young, naive and more easily forgiven then.

We’ll see what is said in the morning, but sadly, this looks to be true. There were whispers before the World Cup and you imagine there has to be enough evidence for them to go public with this. The Mirror would get sued out of their arse for publishing a story of such a sensitive nature if it wasn’t true, so you imagine their evidence has to be fairly conclusive. We can hold on to that hope it isn’t true and wait and see if Rooney comes out with a statement tomorrow, but that’s probably just delaying the inevitable.

I’ve very publicly slated John Terry, Frank Lampard and any other player who has cheated on the mother of his kids. Whatever anyone wants to say about how it’s what they do on the pitch that’s important, that it’s none of our business what they do in their personal lives, or that people cheat on their husbands and wives every day, I have to say I strongly disagree. You don’t have sex with someone else when your wife is pregnant, let alone a fucking prostitute, and I will honestly be disgusted with him if this story is true.

“At Manchester United we don’t just build footballers in terms of just ability,” said Sir Alex Ferguson in July. “We try to build their character and make them better human beings, in terms of standards and responsibilities.”

When you pull on a Manchester United shirt, you’re not just a football player, you are a representative of our club. Getting pissed during the summer when out with your mates is not an issue for me. But this?

He is going to get ripped to shreds, and if true, he deserves it. Nowhere worse than at Goodison though, which, typically, is our next game.

He’s still a red, we still have to support him, but I’m sure I’m not alone in being utterly disappointed in him. Team Wayne? No, not for me.