Manchester City ticker banner at Old Trafford

“When we go to Old Trafford, we will take that banner down,” Mancini said. “This is the last year because we will win.”

Sadly for City, their fondly named “Bobby Manc”, who was supposed to bring the glory days to the club, has seen them get knocked out of both cup competitions, therefore kissing any chance of silverware goodbye for yet another season. Eight games in to his City career he was beaten by us in the League Cup semi-final, fifteen games in he lost to Stoke in the FA Cup.

This is how it feels to be City, this is how it feels to be small, this is how it feels when your team wins nothing at all, NOTHING at all…

Bored and fancy a chuckle? Take your pick from here. Let’s all laugh at City, let’s all laugh at City, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha.