1. Good ol’ Berbatov. 13 goals in 14 games for the Bulgarian this season. Great work from Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney to create the first and a nice bit of luck for the second. He is playing with so much confidence. He one shot off the woodwork in the first half and had a great attempt saved in the second half too. The songs for him are getting louder every week.
2. Talk about a game of two halves for Rooney. He was great in the first half, calving out chances for himself and others. Second half he was dreadful and couldn’t find one of our players with the ball if his life depended on it. It’s not even about the fact he’s earning a ridiculous sum of money after holding the club to ransom, as a professional and as a Manchester United player he should be doing a lot more. Whilst there are valid reasons to a certain extent, how can we explain away the fact he hasn’t scored from open play since March?
3. Not that they were given much of a test but credit to our back four for keeping another clean sheet. Vidic and Rafael stood out for me again, whilst Edwin didn’t have much to do. I really wish he didn’t feel like he should retire at the end of the season.
4. Wow, Anderson. He’s been more effective than Fletcher or Carrick combined so far this season. I actually think Carrick and Ando complimented each other pretty well, but Ando is dynamic and full of energy. He was unlucky not to bag a goal from himself, with his effort coming back off the woodwork, and I imagine he should take the decision to sub him off as a compliment. We’ve got a lot of games coming up and we’ll need him at his best.
5. We’re going to miss Park over the next few weeks. The shift he puts in is second to none, defensively as much as offensively. With Nani injured, Valencia still out, and Giggs just returning, we’re really thin on the ground.