According to the Spanish paper Sport, Thiago has agreed a 5-year-deal with Manchester United with minor details to be sorted next week.

Thiago Alcantara will play for Manchester United. The midfielder has already decided and his arrival at Old Trafford will be just a matter of days.

The FC Barcelona midfielder is clear that he wants to continue his career in the Premier League and, specifically, in the ranks of one of the English giants: Manchester United, and will commit for five seasons (until 2017-18).

Before signing, however, some points of the deal between the player and his new team will be settled. Also between United and FC Barcelona, ​​especially as regards the payment, which may be paying the buy-out clause (18 million plus VAT) or reaching an amicable agreement.

In any case, pending the small details, it should be resolved over the next week, after a meeting between representatives of both teams. If an agreement couldn’t be reached with United, Thiago isn’t contemplating the possibility of continuing in the ranks of Barcelona. He will look for another team. His fate could be Bayern Guardiola.

However, today is excited with the idea of playing in the Premier League. Thiago is convinced he is making the right decision because in the squad at United no other players match his profile. He can do well playing alongside players of the character and experience at the club and he will have many more minutes there than at FC Barcelona.

Thiago could wait no longer. After three seasons as a player of the first team, which has not played what he wanted, he has taken the plunge and decided to move. He was always very clear that he wanted to be a major player, here or elsewhere.

Shortly before the last renewal with FC Barcelona, ​​in June 2011, when he said in an interview with Efe that he would be “lying if I said that my dream is to succeed at Barca. My dream is to succeed in football. I want to be a player that people will remember forever.”

These words were interpreted as a dig at FC Barcelona but it was a statement of principles. His goal was to be a legend regardless of what shirt he wore. Even then it was clear that he would proceed and prosper to make a name in football.

And could not do so with Barcelona, playing only 98 of the last 186 official matches, has made the decision to make a living away from home.

For Thiago decision has not been easy, but between the heart and the head has been encouraged by his head, knowing what you can not miss. But he knew that competition for places at FC Barcelona, as in the last three years, will be fierce with Iniesta, Xavi and Cesc. It was time to take the leap, risk and prove to yourself that it’s time to fly alone.

The truth is that Thiago is amply prepared to initiate this kind of adventure. In the first team he has matured and acquired order and discipline, combined with his Brazilian roots, making him a player you should not stop following.