David Gill claims that Manchester United are just 2,200 tickets short of reaching the target for the season, which is claims is reasonable given the current financial situation of the country.

“I’ll be clear,” said Gill. “Last year our target was 54,000 season tickets, we’ve sold 51,800, which is pretty good in the current climate. We’ve sold more season tickets than the capacity of most Premier League grounds. Our executive seat sales are on track as compared with last year in a different market. I think the bare facts are that the club is in good financial shape. The ticket sales have held up. We sold out for Newcastle and West Ham but we are not complacent and we’ve got to keep working to make sure that we fill the ground for every game and we’ll do that by playing great football, attractive football, exciting football that brings fans in.”

Is Gill being dishonest or is it as some previously said, that for every ticket given up, there’d be someone else to fill their place?

So who was lying Mr.Gill?