How much do you know about British football players and what they get up to? Find out some of our juicy facts about these players here in this article.

British football players are often the subject of many news stories as they are so well known. We know about their families, who they are dating and when they do something that is considered wrong. For many people in the UK, staying up to date with British football players isn’t just about staying up to date with their club, it’s a source of gossip.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the juicy facts about British football players that you might not have already heard. Keep reading to hear more about what they have been up to.

Wayne Rooney had a hair transplant

Wayne Rooney is one of the most famous English football players to ever grace the team. He has been the subject of many news stories over the years with some focusing on his performance on the pitch and others on his family life. One of the most noticeable things about Wayne Rooney over the years was his lack of hair. With many news outlets choosing to focus on this, Wayne Rooney took matters into his own hands.

In 2011, Wayne Rooney had a hair transplant in an attempt to solve this. This cost him £7,500 and the news shocked everyone at the time. Since then, hair transplants have become much more popular and many people look at Wayne Rooney as the man who made this popular.

Mark Hughes played for two teams in one day

Did you know that Mark Hughes once played for two teams in one day? While this is not exactly a secret fact, many people don’t realise that this happened. Hughes was on both the Wales national team and Bayern Munich squad at the time and realised that he had two matches in one day.

Of course, one would think that he would skip one, but this was not the case. Once the Wales match finished, Hughes flew across the border to play Borussia Monchengladbach with the Bayern Munich squad. This is not something that happens all the time and so is certainly a juicy fact.

George Best had a gambling addiction

Over the years, it has been revealed that many football players in Britain have gambling addictions. This can include addictions to games like poker, online gambling and even sports betting which is typically frowned upon. One of the most famous football players in history was George Best who hailed from Belfast and played on a few English teams.

George Best had a number of addictions including alcohol, drugs and gambling. He is one of many football players who got addicted to gambling but is typically more commonly known for this. In 2005, George Best died from alcohol abuse which devasted football fans in the UK and around the world.

David de Gea is the highest-paid Premier League player

When it comes to players in the English Premier League, you’ll find that they are very highly paid. When a transfer deal is taking place, many of us are keen to see how much the player will cost the team taking them on board. The costs of these players are usually millions of pounds but how much do they get paid weekly?

According to recent reports, David de Gea who plays for Manchester United is the top earner at Old Trafford. He earns £375,000 per week which is really incredible.

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David Beckham has had a tattoo mistake

David Beckham is another player who is extremely well-known in Britain. Beckham is famous for both his football skills and his personal life. He is married to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and they have a few children who have also achieved fame themselves.

There are a few juicy facts that could be mentioned about David Beckham, although not all have been proven to be true. One that we can confirm, however, is that David Beckham has a tattoo that has been misspelt. This tattoo is of his wife Victoria’s name in Sanskrit. Apparently, the tattoo actually translates to “Vihctoria” which is not ideal.

Duncan Ferguson holds the record for most red cards

The next juicy fact about British football players that you might want to know is about Duncan Ferguson. This player has been sent off the Premier League pitch a total of 8 times and currently holds the record for the greatest number of red cards.

Ferguson has received 6 red cards and 2 yellow cards in his career. This puts him four red cards ahead of the player in second place – Patrick Vieira who only has had two. Red cards are never good for players and this indicates that this player certainly got himself in a lot of trouble.

Jamie Vardy and Wayne Rooney have beef

The final of our juicy facts is one that you might have come across recently in the news. This fact surrounds two famous players – Jamie Vardy and Wayne Rooney who we have already discussed in this article. These players have recently had some issues, and this has led to Jamie Vardy unfollowing Wayne Rooney on social media channels.

The reason for this issue actually stems from the wives of these two men. Last year, Colleen Rooney very publicly accused Jamie’s wife Rebekah Vardy of selling stories about her to the press. This has led to a court case and a strong legal battle that hasn’t been settled. This has certainly caused a rift between these two men who were once friends.

Stay Up to Date

British football players always have something going on so it can be interesting to keep up to date with their personal lives. Some are very private with what they are doing off the pitch while others bask in the publicity. Make sure to keep an eye on all of these players and see what they are up to next. They have already provided us with so many juicy facts!