Earlier in the week I received a bit of flack in response to the article I wrote about David Beckham. Whilst at United, I loved the fella and couldn’t speak highly enough of him. However, the way he left us made me re-evaluate my feelings on him.

Whilst I’ll always appreciate what he gave us, I’ll always doubt the feelings he professed of the club being totally true. He grew up a red, and his old fella, Ted Beckham, still has a season ticket at Old Trafford. However, since getting hitched, his allegiance towards the club has been blurred.

After his recent comments about the Ronaldo move, I again raise the question as to whether Becks was the Red our fans like to think he is. Today, sadly, we have heard further comments to suggest I am right.

“I would like to return to Spain some day and to Real Madrid,” Beckham said. “To work with the kids or something similar at Madrid would be an honour for me. Everybody knows that I love to work with kids and that I adore Spain. I still have my house in Madrid and if I return some day I already have somewhere to live. When the moment comes we will have to see, but to be part of Madrid would be great. I have many friends there and many people who I respect a lot, such as (former president) Florentino Perez, who is one of the best friends I have in Madrid.”

Whilst Real Madrid claim they are friends with Manchester United, despite Sir Alex Ferguson’s assertions of quite the opposite, our fans are pretty much united in their general dislike of the Spanish club. The way they have handled this potential Cristiano Ronaldo transfer has been horrendous. They have hounded the club and player with statements, behaving in an entirely inappropriate manner.

For Beckham to openly support Ronaldo’s desires to move to Real Madrid, and today claim he wants to work for them in the future, quite strongly suggests he is not the United fan so many reds would like to believe he is. We can all agree that Real Madrid are the scum of the earth right now, and if he doesn’t have the bottle to publicly profess that, it’s up to him.

However, to claim he wants to work for them in the future, knowing what the manager and fans’ opinion of that club is, suggests he’ll never be the fan he once was. He’d kiss the badge and celebrate a goal in the way any of us would if we were the given the honour of representing this club. But things have changed for him since then, and whilst he’ll tell any paper that’ll pay him a few bucks for an interview that he is a United fan, he doesn’t feel half the passion and love for the club that us lot do. If he did, he wouldn’t speak so admiringly of Real Madrid, regardless of whether he played for them or not.

The sooner people wise up to this the better.