Lisandro Martinez made a fantastic start to his time at Manchester United but his season was cut short during the Europa League quarter-final against Sevilla in April 2023. After a return in August, he has been ruled out with a reoccurring injury since mid-September.

Speaking to United’s official site, Martinez has reflected on how he manages to stay positive and where his focus is.

I think it is really important to remember from where you started. Wow. We are talking about this and I feel a lot of emotions. So it is really important to me.

You have to be grateful. Look at this place, look at the badge, look at the stadium, the people, the fans, the passion. You just have to fight for your people, you have to fight for everybody. It is not just about you, it is about millions and millions of people. We need to be humble. Put the feet on the ground and go, go, and do not stop. No excuses and that is it.

Martinez also reflected on his roots and where he came from, and how that has had an impact on his career.

I came from a beautiful family with big values, with respect, being humble, being grateful, appreciating every second of life and I think my father, my grandfather, my mum, a lot of people. From the beginning of my life, my father always said ‘you can improve from everybody’. So, I fight. ‘Fight for your food’, he always said to me. I try to fight, I try to be a good person, to share my love with the people around, to be a big example for everybody, I try to win, I try to give everything from me. I think it is really important, my family.

Erik ten Hag has revealed that the defender is expected back in January. Martinez has talked about how his rehabilitation is going.

I am really good, I am really good, honestly. My rehab is going amazingly, in the way that I want, I am feeling strong, doing everything right with Ibra [Ibrahim Kerem] the physio, he has been amazing. And also the medical department, they take care of me from day one so it was really important. Yeah, all is perfect for me. We need to be patient, we need to be patient. I know that I will be back soon, very soon. It takes time, we need to be patient.