Ever think, as United fans, that some of us dont know we’re born? We havent been outside the top 3 teams in England since 91/92.

I think the 91/92 season is the first I remember in great deal. I remember my Dad being a very happy man, telling me that we were going to win the league. Ok, so the Leeds scum pipped us to the post by 4 points, and I remember being totally gutted…but then the following season we did the business and all was right with the world.

I often think I wish I’d been alive to remember worse times in the 80s and 70s. My Dad tells me we were the most frustrating team to support, with flashes of brilliance, followed by embarrassing defeats. If I’d seen enough of those years, maybe I would have appreciated the 90s even more, and maybe then I wouldnt be disappointed about the last 3 years.

Lets face it, Chelsea of 4 years ago would have died for the past 3 years we’ve had. Yes of course a team like United expects the best, but being the top of the league cant last forever. In my lifetime of football memory I’ve seen Leeds, Blackburn, Newcastle and now Arsenal compete, and then fade away. But look at us, we’re still there. If Roman had not bought Chelsea, we’d be top of the league right now. Of course, the fact remains that he has, and so we have to raise our game. I see no reason that if Fergie makes great central midfield buys this summer why we cant be winning the title next season or season after, or at least be seriously competing for it.

I think every now and again it’s healthy to take a time out and reflect a little. Even with the Fletcher/O’Shea/Smith combination in the centre, we’re 2nd in the league! It’s time to admit we’re United brats, and be happy with what we’ve got.