92-93: LWDW. Champions.
95-96: LWWW. Champions.
96-97: WDDD. Champions.
98-99: DDWW. Champions.
00-01: WDDW. Champions
02-03: WDDW. Champions.
07-08: DDLW. Champions.
08-09: DWLD. Champions.
09-10: WL….

In eight of our last eleven title wins we have had somewhat dodgy starts to the season, dropping points in at least two games, and in half of those the dropped points included a defeat. Losing 1-0 to Burnley is a dodgy result and this is certainly a dodgy start to another season.

Whilst having a bad start doesn’t mean you can’t win the league, having a good start or managing to go unbeaten in the first few games of the season doesn’t guarantee a great season either.

94-95: WDWW. 2nd.
97-98: WWDW. 2nd.
01-02: WDDW. 3rd.
03-04: WWWL. 3rd.
05-06: WWWD. 2nd.

Let’s not cry over spilt milk and just look forward to Wigan!