2021 was a bit of a rocky year for the Red Devils, but one thing is for sure: we scored some cracking goals. There’s a lot of quality in the team right now with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Edison Cavani and Paul Pogba. Those players, and the rest, have been tucking some sweet goals away through the 2021 calendar year.

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Once you’ve given it a spin, join as we reflect on the best goals scored by Man Utd in 2021. Let’s go!

5) Mason Greenwood vs Leeds United – 14/08

The young striker Mason Greenwood has been a shining light in a slightly dim team over the past couple of years, and he demonstrated what he’s all about with a delightful turn of bass early in the Premier League season.

Greenwood skipped past the Leeds defence on the halfway line, then went on to run the whole way into the penalty area, slotting coolly past the goalkeeper and wheeling off in celebration. With legs like that, he’s likely to get the best out of a lot of full-backs out there!

4) Fred vs Crystal Palace – 05/12

A player that’s caused mixed opinions in his time at the club is attacking midfielder Fred. However, he showed he deserves his Man Utd shirt with an absolute screamer against Crystal Palace in December 2021.

Mason Greenwood picked the ball up inside the area but quickly realised nothing was on. So, he rolled the ball back to an onrushing Fred, who fired it right into the top-left corner with a delicious balance of power and placement.

Fred recently declared that he wants to stay at Manchester United for many years, and when he has goals like that in his locker, a lot of fans will be hoping he does.

3) Ronaldo vs Spurs – 30/10

When Cristiano Ronaldo joined the club again, fans were in tears. It really was an emotional moment and one that will be cherished by many for the rest of their lives. Although his form hasn’t been quite up to scratch over the past few months, he has had some wonderful moments, and one of those was his magnificent goal against Spurs in October.

The ball had been pinging around on the edge of the Spurs area for a while before it was moved out to Bruno Fernandes. He put an inch-perfect ball into the box, and Ronaldo had it in the back of the net before it had even hit the ground.

2) Edinson Cavani vs Fulham – 18/05

Here’s one you just have to love. Completely out of nowhere, straight from the foot of goalkeeper De Gea, the ball ran through to Cavani. A gap in the defence appeared, and Cavani knew exactly what he wanted to do immediately.

Spotting the Fulham keeper off his line, Cavani unleashed a lofted spot from the best part of 40 yards away from the goal. And the keeper got nowhere near it. This was Cavani showing us why he’s one of the best forwards in the world in some style.

1) Mason Greenwood vs Leicester – 16/10

Greenwood is back again! This time, he showed us a different area of his skillset and hammered home a near 30-yard strike that Kasper Schmeichel got nowhere near.

The sheer power and audacity of this goal are what made it number one in our eyes, just tipping Cavani to the post. Of course, there were some spectacular goals we couldn’t fit in our top 5, but we’re excited to see a few more screamers in 2022 and beyond.