Although some of us are still reeling from our loss to Villarreal, it has to be said that despite letting in the winning penalty, David de Gea has done more than his fair share for the team over the years. One of the longest serving players currently on the team, de Gea has more than earned his stripes when it comes to goalkeeping prowess. Of course, quite recently Dean Henderson has put de Gea’s nose a little out of joint, but a healthy rivalry between two of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League should only serve to bring out the best in both. So, without further ado, here are some of David de Gea’s most memorable moments, from his decade at the club.

Following in the footsteps of Manchester United’s beloved Edwin Van der Sar, De Gea was always going to have big boots to fill. Once the team had announced van der Sar’s retirement, they quite quickly made a move to secure de Gea, but he wasn’t having any of it. The goalkeeper knew that he would be needed during the UEFA Under 21’s championship and, sure enough, he was correct. After seeing Spain to victory, the young de Gea was spotted in the Manchester United grounds and made the announcement official; he was coming to Manchester. At the time the young goalkeeper was going to set the British record for the most expensive goalie ever, at a reported £18.9 million. It was a big gamble by Sir Alex Ferguson at the time, but one that it seems has since more than paid off. A few games after his move, de Gea was as confident as ever, stating ‘Hopefully, I will equal or even surpass the performance and contribution Edwin van der Sar made to the club.’ If there is one thing that the Spaniard doesn’t lack, it’s confidence and it turns out that Sir Alex isn’t the only one to notice. Many of the top sports betting sites in the UK have taken note of de Gea’s unshakable presence in goal. After his contract is up at the club many bookmakers are reckoning on a move back to his home country of Spain, with Atletico Madrid listed as second favorite. If you can bear the thought of de Gea leaving Manchester and want to have a bet on the outcome then has a list of trusted sites that have been independently reviewed. They also cleary list exactly the sign up deals that are on offer, so you can make your betting wallet stretch a little further. It’ll be a sad day for Manchester to see him leave, but if you choose the right team, at least you could call it a personal victory.

Officially the longest currently serving member of the team, Phil Jones was signed all the way back in 2011. Whilst Jones has had his ups and downs for the team, thanks to a string of injuries and some eye-coveringly bad mistakes, he still beats de Gea as the longest serving team member by just a few days. However, if you take into account time on the pitch, de Gea has very nearly double the games under his belt than Jones does. Time on the pitch isn’t everything though, whilst Jones has scored 6 goals for the team on his appearances, de Gea has, as probably expected, scored none. A wise man once said that with a great goalkeeper you cannot lose and de Gea might be just that goalkeeper, having saved more than 900 goals in his time with the club. That’s more than two per match on average. It was certainly a shocker to see him concede so many goals in that Villarreal game, but with a track record like that, he hasn’t had too many off days. Whilst it looks as though Jones will be quietly serving the rest of his contract, De Gea has firmly made himself at home in Manchester. He often talks about how welcome the city has made him feel and how much he owes the club for his professional success.

As we briefly mentioned before, de Gea has seen his uninterrupted stint on the pitch come to an abrupt halt. Promising young keeper Dean Henderson was loaned to Sheffield United for a long spell, but in the 2020-21 seasonn he was once more back. Despite this return, de Gea found himself first choice in 24 out of 26 of the first league matches. The only reason he missed out on the other two were because of an injury and because the other match were against Sheffield United, where Henderson had insider knowledge. During this time de Gea became a record holder once more, by defending Manchester United’s clean sheet against Southampton, sending them on their way to a record-equalling 9-0 victory. Would Henderson have achieved the same feat? Who is to say, but with such a long service under his belt, de Gea certainly deserved it.