Bayer Leverkusen goalkeeper Rene Adler has revealed that as a kid he had Manchester United posters all over his bedroom walls.

The club revealed earlier this season that the goalie has a special clause in his contract which specifies that if Manchester United offer the asking price, they have to sell him, so intent is he to his dream of being a United player.

Leverkusen are currently 3rd in the league, with a goal difference worse by just 1 than the team above them in 2nd.

“I have told the board of Leverkusen that I am not willing to discuss any kind of new contract until April,” said Adler. “I just want to achieve a Champions League spot with my team here now. But everyone here knows that I have higher ambitions and everyone knows that Manchester United is my dream club. The board of the club are aware of the special clause in my contract. As a young kid all my friends were interested in cartoons, MTV, and German television programmes, but I was only interested in one person: Peter Schmeichel, who was in goal for Manchester United. I thought he was fantastic and loved every minute he was on TV with United. My whole bedroom was full of Schmeichel posters and United things. I also had one or two other heroes in football, like Paul Gascoigne and Zidane. But nobody, in my eyes, was as impressive as Schmeichel.”