After reducing our allocation for this weekend’s FA Cup game at The United Stadium, Manchester City still haven’t managed to sell out their home section. The tickets are on general sale yet just days before kick-off, they still have tickets available. You can buy tickets now by ringing 0161 444 1894 although you would obviously have to sit in the home end… amongst thousands of other reds.

United should be entitled to 15% of all tickets for this FA Cup 3rd round tie but City have given us just 5,961 (1,139 short). The game is on a Sunday though meaning most City fans won’t be able to go because of their religious commitments. After poor attendances at home last season, Dave Wallace from City fanzine King of the Kippax explained to the Evening News this was due to fans going to church instead.

“It’s definitely not an issue with ticket prices, because the club do their best in that respect,” he said. “I know the weather would have been a factor with some too, because it wasn’t the warmest day. Churchgoers would have found it tricky to get to the ground in time for a 2pm Sunday kick-off as well.”

Interestingly enough, they are also struggling to sell tickets for their League Cup semi-final against Liverpool.

Just the latest example in a long list of others to disprove that bitter myth, originated in Stockport, that Manchester is blue.