It`s just a pre-season tournament but we have to imagine Sir Alex Ferguson is going in to tonight`s match expecting us to win. Given the way Bayern Munich played last night and the fact they are in front of their home fans, I`d say the odds are against us. They looked a lot sharper than we did again Boca and showed no signs of the team that got humbled in last season`s Champions League.

I`d fancy Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Owen starting up front. Throughout all our pre-season games so far, they are the only two that have formed any real partnership. Things just didn`t quite click for Wayne Rooney last night, for all his hard work, and he would be a great sub to bring in. Federico Macheda didn´t do a lot right last night and I imagine Ferguson didn`t bring Owen on for a reason, so he is fully rested for today.

The injury to Wes Brown shouldn`t be as costly, given that Nemanja Vidic is supposed to be making a come back in to the team. Craig Cathcart had a good game last night, if we ignore the moment he came very close to scoring a great header for Boca, but I imagine he will lose out on his place to Rio, alongside Patrice Evra and John O´Shea across the back four.

We are certainly going to need grit in the midfield if we are to stop them penetrating our defence as easily as they did AC Milan`s last night. It would be good see both Carrick and Fletcher on from the start, although Anderson is flavour of the month following his great goal yesterday, so who knows.

The atmosphere should be great though, even if United fans are more bystanders rather than the ones creating it. The only obvious United fans in sight of me last night were some lads a few rows in front wearing Portugal shirts with Ronaldo on the back. The friendly banter of last night (laughing at Kuszczak kicking the ball out of play every few minutes etc.) will probably take a turn for the worst, I imagine. I can only compare the situations and wonder how I´d feel towards fans of a team that scored two goals in injury time against us in the European Cup final!

All together now… who put the ball in the German´s net?

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