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Looking ahead to matches is becoming fairly predictable now, in the sense  that we have no idea what will happen, so we just aimlessly speculate one way or another, discuss our preferences, then experience one surprise or another. One thing that we can bet on is that United will play 433 again, thanks to the lack of wingers. Nani is out for a month, and you have to wonder whether we’ll see him play for United again, and Valencia won’t be back until next week. That only leaves us with Ashley Young who has contributed nothing this season. It’s disappointing to think he is the player we’re hanging on to whilst Nani, who is far more talented, is the one being pushed out of the door. Maybe he won’t go in January, maybe he will make it to the summer, but it appears as though the manager’s mind is made up.

Anderson was knackered before the 90 minutes was up midweek, and to be fair to him, he did work hard, but maybe that will make the manager think twice about starting him again so soon. I hope not. Anderson, Carrick and Cleverley should be starting for us at the moment, with the option of bringing Scholes on to control the game once we’re hopefully in a winning position. Cleverley didn’t look too good midweek but we should persevere with him. At least his pace means we shouldn’t be overrun in midfield.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard Sir Alex Ferguson’s explanation for keeping Anders Lindegaard in the team ahead of David de Gea. We know that our #1 had to miss a game because of issues relating to the removal of his wisdom teeth and Ferguson said the reason why he didn’t bring DDG back in to the first team against West Ham was: “I am not happy to rotate all the time. I don’t think that creates consistency.” Ha. I mean, let’s be serious. I totally agree that rotating all the time harms consistency and I think that has been a huge cause of less than impressive form this season. We played the same team against Chelsea and Arsenal in the league, but I’m struggling to think of another occasion when we’ve started the same XI for consecutive games. If there’s anything Fergie has done this season, it’s rotate all the time. Hopefully he rotates again and puts De Gea back in goal again today though.

Wayne Rooney was off the boil against West Ham and his below performance is then reflected in the rest of the team. He makes things tick and we need him playing better. Ferguson has rattled out the old cliché of suggesting that when Rooney starts scoring, he won’t be able to stop, and that is usually how it works for him. We’re getting goals from all over the pitch but maybe if Rooney bags one or two it will improve his confidence and by default, improve his all round game.

We’re top off the league without playing well and maybe we won’t play well until we’re playing a similar formation/set of players every week. We need to make sure we’re winning games like this today though, especially with derby day around the corner.

Come on United!

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