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A good example of reorganization comes from Saudi Pro League club Al Nassr, which is supposedly interested in Manchester United midfielder Casemiro. The club is apparently willing to offer £84 million for the ageing Brazilian player, whose form has worsened since his transfer to the English leagues in 2022.

Let’s take a look at why this rumour is so important and how it could potentially affect Al Nassr, Manchester United and the European market in general.

Will Manchester United take the offer?

Manchester United hasn’t said anything official yet, but analysts are already speculating about possible replacement midfielders.

Dutch manager Erik ten Hag remains at the helm even though the club put on a less than desirable performance this past season. It’s up to him to decide whether Casemiro’s willingness to play in other positions is worth declining Al Nassr’s offer.

On the other hand, Casemiro’s age and weekly salary could be a weak spot. Ten Hag could opt for a younger, less expensive midfielder who’s eager to learn, instead of accommodating such an expensive and high-profile player.

In case you didn’t know, Casemiro is currently the highest-paid player on Manchester United’s roster, earning £350,000 weekly. Ten Hag could easily redirect such funds to up-and-coming players who could do more and play better.

Despite the club’s silence about the situation, one thing’s for sure: Al Nassr’s offer is causing Manchester United board member to think. No club can ignore such an offer, especially when the player himself is keen on the move.

Why is Casemiro keen on the transfer?

With Manchester United spending £50 million to revamp their training facilities, why would Casemiro want to move? There are actually a few reasons why.

First, Casemiro is already 32 years old. So far, he’s been unable to perform at the same level as he did with Real Madrid. He signed a four-year contract with the Red Devils in 2022 but has little to show for it. Ten Hag may be patiently waiting for results, but the fans lost patience long ago.

It doesn’t help that his injury last October caused him to miss 17 games. Analysts have already declared Casemiro as being “in decline”, citing his lack of athleticism and inability to cover ground as a liability to the team. After all, in a game where speed and quick reactions are paramount, not having these skills can seriously hamper the entire team.

Also, time is not on Casemiro’s side. Whether he wants to admit this or not, he’s an ageing player in the European leagues. Sure, he has tons of experience and skill, but he’s getting old. A change of pace in a completely different league may be just what he needs to end his career on a high.

If Casemiro decides to move to Al Nassr (or even Al Hilal, who are also reportedly interested), he’ll be in good company.

Casemiros stats in the Premier League

Casemiro has only been playing in the Premier League for two years, yet he’s already the highest-paid player in Manchester United’s squad.

Casemiro’s goal count went down dramatically in the 2023-2024 season. You could argue that he’s a midfielder and isn’t usually expected to score, but his 2022-2023 goal count says otherwise. Even his shooting accuracy went down by 9% in just one season.

Meanwhile, his passing and defensive plays have remained at the same level throughout, although his recoveries have suffered quite a bit. Going from 205 to 133 recoveries shows that Casemiro’s injury seriously affected his form. Whether his performance improves for the next season (regardless of who he plays for) remains to be seen.

If Ten Hag wants to strengthen his squad while streamlining the club’s finances, then there’s no doubt Casemiro’s hefty price tag will be under the microscope. Keeping such an expensive player with not-so-good stats will take some clever explaining.

Is a Ronaldo-Casemiro reunion happening?

Al Nassr first made headlines after their record signing of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2022, even though Ronaldo was a free agent when he left Manchester United and no transfer fees were paid. But the club’s offer to pay Ronaldo £200 million per season showed that they’re not afraid to spend money.

Ronaldo has since enjoyed a successful season with Al Nassr, but even his presence wasn’t enough to win the Saudi Pro League title; they lost to Al Hilal in penalties. After such a frustrating loss, there’s no doubt Al Nassr will spend millions (if not hundreds) to bolster its squad for the upcoming season.

Considering that Ronaldo previously played with Casemiro at Real Madrid (and they scored a few goals together), the Portuguese will probably try to convince Casemiro to join. Some rumours already say that Casemiro is keen on the potential move, making a Ronaldo-Casemiro reunion seemingly possible.

What does Casemiro’s transfer mean for the European football market?

If Manchester United agrees to a deal with Al Nassr, the price tag will probably shock the European market again. Observers don’t believe Casemiro is worth the £84 million Al Nassr is offering, considering his dismal form. Others have expressed concerns about the increasing number of players moving to the Saudi leagues.

Saudi-based clubs have been poaching players from the European leagues by offering crazy high salaries and sky-high transfer fees. For example, Casemiro’s fellow Brazilian player Neymar cost Saudi-based Al Hilal £77.6 million in transfer fees, while they pay him £129 million yearly.

As Saudi Arabia waves around its huge sums of cash, Europe may see more players following the money. Whether Casemiro will do the same remains to be seen – but considering the amount involved, it’s likely.