Manchester United beat Newcastle 2-0 in the League Cup final last weekend to lift our first trophy since 2017. While United are still in touching distance with the top of the table and competing in two other cup competitions, Liverpool’s fortunes are quite a contrast, having already been knocked out of every competition (with the Champions League pending).

Speaking to The Telegraph, Trent Alexander-Arnold revealed he had to turn the television off because he couldn’t face watching United lift the trophy last weekend.

I watched the game, but as soon as they were getting ready for the trophy lift I turned off. I thought, “There is no way I am watching that”. Knowing they lifted that trophy? It burns. Oh yeah. It definitely burns.

Alexander-Arnold has conceded it will take a miracle for them to win a trophy now, having been thrashed 5-2 by Real Madrid at Anfield, ahead of the return leg in a couple of weeks time.

Now it is going to be difficult to win a trophy this season. It looks impossible. We will need a miracle, really. So there is a different type of motivation and it is difficult to adjust. We have drawn a line and know the top four is everything now.

Speaking with Sky Sports, he also conceded what a challenge it will be to keep Marcus Rashford out, given his incredible goalscoring form of late.

The only thing that’s really changed is he’s probably scored a lot more recently but he’s the same player, he’s always a threat and I’m sure he will be a threat on Sunday. It will be a tough game but it’s one I’m looking forward to and it will be a good test. It’s difficult [to stop Rashford]. He’s a player who’s got a lot of weapons in his arsenal but I think it’s more of a team effort, it won’t be just a one-on-one thing. They’ll have more than just Marcus going forward, it’s a team thing and as long as the team wins on Sunday, that’s all I’m bothered about.