Whenever you leave Manchester and speak to someone about the team you support, the predictable response is: “why don’t you support City? I thought all Mancunians supported them.”

It’s a bizarre lie which is perpetuated by City fans.

It’s hard to believe that people would actually think that one of the world’s biggest club, England’s biggest club, wouldn’t have supporters in its own city.

Manchester United have had higher attendances than Manchester City for every single season since the war. So, this is long before the glory fans rolled in. Even when United played at Maine Road after our stadium was being reconstructed following the bombing, more fans came to watch United play than City. So, what happened to all these Mancunians? Does it make any sense at all to believe that all these people coming to watch United in the 40’s changed allegiance and passed down a different team to their kids? Lunacy.

Regardless, it’s interesting to note that in City’s Europa Group stage match against Juventus, currently 9th in Serie A, only 35,212 fans bothered to show up, meaning the ground was less than 3/4 full.

The obvious excuse is the expense, however, with City all but giving their tickets away, in the vain hope of appearing to be the MASSIVE club they’d like to see themselves as, City fans could attend all three group stage matches for a total of £50, which works out at less than £17 a game. Tickets were on sale today for this game alone at just £10!

Useful information for the next time somebody tries to tell you all Mancs are blue.

Oh City are a massive club.

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