In 2016, Manchester United launched #allredallequal to link all the club’s efforts of equality together as they strive to be the best both on and off the pitch. The purpose of the initiative is to showcase the club’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. Everybody and associated with United has important part to play.

Given the increase of racial abuse that has taken place inside stadiums and by supporters around the country, this year’s campaign focuses on the responsibility we all have to challenge discriminatory behaviour that can take place in our game.

Since #allredallequal was first launched the club has been involved a wide variety of projects, starting with Black History Month in October 2016 when the club worked with Kick It Out and students from Foundation’s partner schools, which has continued every year since.

United also became the first club to partner with LGBT charity Stonewall and hosted the Rainbow Laces Summit at Old Trafford, established six internal Inclusion Networks with the aim of increasing awareness and engagement with United staff across all strands of equality, increased the number of seats for people with disabilities and and celebrated International Day of Persons with Disabilities, held a workshop during World Mental Health Day, published the Gender Pay Gap report, and signed up to the Social Mobility Pledge, among lots of other things.