1. They are a world leading provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, human capital and management consulting, and specialty insurance underwriting.

2. They were founded in Chicago in 1919.

3. Their revenue for last year was $7.471 billion.

4. 175 of their employees were killed in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

5. In 2004-2005 they were investigated, alongside AIG, due to an issue regarding their practice of insurance companies’ payments to brokers. Without acknowledging any wrongdoing, Aon agreed to a $190 million settlement.

6. Two months ago they slashed their pension contributions for the UK workforce which lead to a protest from the unions.

7. In 2005 they terminated all business in Burma due to the human rights issues of the country, something which was supported by the Burma Campaign UK.

8. They were fined £5.25m at the beginning of the year for making ‘suspicious payments’ to people and firms overseas, after failing to put in place proper controls to stop potential bribes. Aon said their conduct was not deliberate and the process significantly improved the controls they had in place.

9. Their president says: “While we are delighted that our brand will be showcased to over 330 million fans of Manchester United as well as the countless followers of football worldwide, we also are extremely excited about the opportunity to maximise the value of this partnership globally.”

10. Their website.