Amad Diallo is player who is giving Manchester United fans plenty of hope for the future, following his move to the club in the January. Amad came off the bench to score against AC Milan in the Europa League last season and we should expect him to get more minutes and more goals in the season ahead.

Speaking with the club’s official site, Amad has claimed that his dribbling ability is his best asset on the field and that he isn’t fearful of facing any opposition.

That is a tough one! But honestly, I think that it is a gift. I think you dribble using your technique and your intelligence. So, for example, if you are faced with two defenders, then perhaps you can’t dribble, or you can only play a one-two, so you have to use your head and your skills to decide what to do initially and then your next move. Therefore, when I have the ball, I think about what I can do, play a one-two, dribble, that is what I think.

I am never afraid of playing. That has always been my strength, never being afraid to play. When they told me the day before the game, that I was going to play against Leicester. Okay, I was a bit nervous initially, but this is football, you can never be afraid. So when I went onto the pitch, I could just see 11 players against another 11 players and I think it went well, as you say.