One cannot think of Roy Keane without thinking of Manchester United. Moreover, despite the fact that his Old Trafford career came to an abrupt end on the 18th of November 2005, the same is still true in reverse. At a certain point, when an individual makes such a striking contribution to a football club, they are forever associated with its name. Whether it is Arsène Wenger and Arsenal, Steven Gerrard and Liverpool, or Messi and Barcelona, these are people whose names will always be on the tip of the tongue once their associated clubs are mentioned.

When it comes to a conversation about Manchester United, Roy Keane will sooner or later enter the room. This is both because of his playing days, and the fact that he is now a regular figure in the media. Opinions and viewpoints in the media are followed passionately by football fans around the globe, and for those looking at Sportsbetio and the next game, they can aid in deciding when and what to bet on. After all, it is only right that we look to gain as much knowledge as possible on any given situation before making our final decision.

When it comes to Keane, his United career may not have ended in the way it so richly deserved, but it still does not tarnish the impact he had at the club in any shape or form. As a result of this, we decided to put this article together to celebrate the genius that was Roy Keane in a Manchester United shirt. So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

The Early Days
Roy Keane arrived in Manchester in 1993, making £3.75 million from Nottingham Forest. While this may not sound like an enormous sum of money to pay for a player who would run the United midfield for over a decade, it was in fact a British transfer record at the time. Despite the potential pressure of arriving with this tag around his neck, Keane never let it get to him and it was clear for all to see that he belonged in the team.

He scored twice on his home debut, grabbed the winner in his first Manchester derby and ended the season with both a Premier League and an FA Cup winners medal around his neck. Let’s just say he hit the ground running.

An Era of Dominance & A Fall From Grace
It is getting to the point that it is difficult to find an ex-teammate that hasn’t named Roy Keane as the best and/or most inspirational player that they have ever played alongside. Keane dominated every aspect of his footballing career in a manner that set, kept and progressed the standards at Manchester United Football Club. To be as succinct as possible: seven Premier League titles, four FA Cups, a Champions League and a host of individual accolades.

He ruled every midfield battle – apart from when maybe Patrick Vieira happened to be on his day – he ran the dressing room, and he was the manager on the pitch. Perhaps, herein lies the ultimate reason why Sir. Alex Ferguson decided to get rid of him in the manner that he so sadly did.

Keane, once again, demanded more in a now infamous MUTV interview in which he allegedly put the boot in a little bit too hard on his fellow professionals. On reflection, and with the hindsight that time brings, it was likely not what Keane said in so much that he was positioning himself at the top of the hierarchy. Perhaps what made both Keane and Ferguson so successful, both individually and together, is what tore them apart in the end.

The Departure
Keane, after a somewhat brief and mixed managerial career, has now settled into the role as one of the most sought after pundits in English football. While his days at United are long gone, fans still look to him to say things how they are and demand that if you play for Manchester United, you do everything in your power to win every match, every battle, and every ball. While we never know what the future may hold, let’s all remember just how good Roy Keane really was.

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