According to Match of the Day, Wayne Rooney claimed the goal of the season last year, for the second time in three years, for the great goal scored against Bolton Wanderers at Old Trafford.

This year, Arsenal’s Adebayor claimed the award for his effort against Spurs.

But which goal did the RoM forum vote as our greatest of the season?

Paul Scholes goal BarcelonaThe nerves before our European Cup semi-final were stronger than anything I’d experienced for a while (obviously, this came before the make or break match against Wigan and the Champions League final against Chelsea a couple of weeks later) as a United fan.

We were on the brink of massive success and the pressure of winning the European Cup, in the year that marked the 50th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster, as well as the 40th anniversary of us becoming the first English team to win the cup, was huge.

After Ronaldo missed a penalty at the Nou Camp, there was definitely a sense of the feeling that we might have blown it.

The Barcelona team, whilst struggling for consistency in their domestic league, were only rivalled by United as a team most capable of ripping their opposition to shreds. Messi, Eto’o, Xavi, Iniesta, Deco and Henry were all strong candidates for giving our back four, who were missing the important figure of Vidic, a run for their money.

The atmosphere was the best it had been in years. I turned up at the ground, unusually for me, a couple of hours early, to soak it all up. The streets around the ground were packed already, thousands of people parading around in their United vs Barca scarves. There was a real sense of excitement, as much as there was anticipation and nervousness.

The volume and frequency of songs was outstanding. For the final half an hour, everyone around me was standing and the stewards didn’t bat an eyelid. For once, they could appreciate the occasion for what it was and left us be. “United are going to Moscow!” we bellowed from before the whistle.

Wilf McGuinness had given an emotional battle cry before kicking off, urging us to cheer every pass, every corner, every throw in. Do it for the Babes and do it for the team. It was incredible.

It was therefore fitting that the goal that came in this game, the one that carried us through to our third European Cup final, was one of such beauty.

A neat one two between Michael Carrick and Rio Ferdinand saw the ball land at Cristiano Ronaldo’s feet just inside the Barcelona half. He carried the ball to the edge of the box, with two opposition players chasing him. Deco made a challenge, clearly only as far as Paul Scholes.

Much had been made of Paul Scholes in the lead up to the match, with the press regularly reminding us that he had cruelly missed out on our last European Cup final appearance through suspension. Ferguson had previously said if we made the final, Scholes would get a place out of sentimentality. I can’t imagine Paul was too impressed with the notion of getting place in the team for this reason, so scored the goal that confirmed there was no way we could leave him out of our match in Moscow.

Less than quarter of an hour player, 25 yards out, he took one touch to control it, before rifling it past Valdes, with Puyol and Milito only able to stand and watch. Magic.

So, on the off chance you’re not bored with watching it, here is RoM’s goal of the season, won with 44.1% of the vote.

Do you agree?

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