It was reported after United’s 1-1 draw away with Chelsea at the weekend that a group of Chelsea fans attacked the bus carrying the players, for the second time in the past three years. The windscreen was smashed and Chelsea have launched a ‘full investigation’.

Tevez, who has spent the past couple of days winding up the rent boys via the press, spoke out about the events.

“As for what happened on the bus, that was unfortunate and scary but it can happen anywhere,” he said.

Anderson blames the fans behaviour on the feelings they have after losing out to United for the title and European Cup last season.

“A group of people was insulting to us and somebody launched a bottle,” he said. “I think Chelsea are still a bit concerned with what happened last season. I believe that they still remember the Champions League final.”

Anderson also reflected on Sunday’s match and the ridiculous 7 yellow cards United received.

“As a result [of the Champions League final] the game on Sunday was like no normal league match. It was a hard game that I watched from the bench but I think that the number of yellow cards we received was excessive.”