Anderson had an incredible debut season with Manchester United, particularly in the big games, where he showed the likes of Cesc Fabregas and Steven Gerrard who was boss.

Sadly, his second season has been somewhat of a disappointment, spoilt by injury and poor form.

He is still yet to get off the mark for United, which is somewhat of a puzzle given the power he packs in his shot, however he wants to make sure the fans don’t forget about his vital contribution of last season!

Rodrigo Possebon was being interviewed for United Review when he was asked the question about Anderson’s poor form in front of goal. Anderson, who was walking by, interrupted.

“Hey, I don’t know!” he said. “But I’m looking forward to that day. At the moment I’m just happy to pass the ball to other players so they can score. But don’t worry: my goal will come. Remember I scored a penalty in Moscow – that one was important!”

All Possebon could do was laugh, saying, “he has answered for me!”