In training this week, the players were taking part in football tennis for the spectators. Gary Neville played alongside Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand and Wes Brown whilst Anderson had a cheeky look on his face.

The Brazilian crossed courts with his hands cupped, the other two small pitches of football tennis stopping to watch. Anderson crept up behind captain Gary Neville and opened his hands down the back of Neville’s shirt.

Nev proceeded to swear like a sailor and rip his shirt off, whilst the manager looked on in fits of laughter. “You’ll be fined!” he shouted to Anderson, still laughing his arse off.

It appears as though Anderson came across a field mouse on the Carrington training ground, and decided the best place for it was down the back of Neville’s shirt. Neville kicked at the mouse once it fell to the ground, seemingly unaware of what it was.

Needless to say, our captain wasn’t very happy about it!