Anderson’s best moment at Manchester United probably came at the end of his first season. He came off the bench for the Champions League final to score in the penalty shoot-out to help us beat Chelsea to the trophy.

Whilst it hasn’t all be downhill since then, he’s failed to fulfil the potential he came to the club with. Some have blamed Sir Alex Ferguson for playing him out of position. There’s no denying that his regular big injuries have also played a part. But his inability to look after himself, putting on lots of weight and taking time to shed it, has left fans frustrated.

Anderson claims that he is fit and ready to do his bit to help the club he loves.

“I have played only two games this season and I tried to do my very best for the team,” he said. “But it is very hard when you only play a small part now and then. But I am not unhappy. I am enjoying it and I know I will be ready whenever the manager picks me. I haven’t spoken to David Moyes about my situation because I think I have a good situation at the moment. I love this club and I have been here for over six years. I am only 25 years old and I have about seven years football left in me. So I have time on my side and I am happy at Old Trafford. I had a lot of injuries last season. I have come back now to help United. I came back in pre-season and felt good and I have been fit now all season“I just have to wait for the moment and when it comes for me then I have to take that opportunity.”

The press have claimed that Anderson is ready to join Fulham on loan in January but the player has dismissed these rumours, despite having not spoken to manager David Moyes.

“I cannot say anything about other clubs showing an interest,” he added. “I am at Manchester United and am a Manchester United player. I have to do my job here and work hard every day to make it work because that’s what I want. I am not thinking about moving on. All I am thinking about is helping my team, my team-mates and doing the best for myself. I am a Manchester United player, I love the fans, I love the club. I love the way everyone supports the club – it is amazing. It is the best club in the world. It is good with the new manager. I have no problems with David Moyes. He’s new and it is completely different. We have to help him to be successful. Every single player wants to play every game. I am the same as all the rest. I am only 25 years old but I cannot stay one more year and not play. I need to play. But you cannot demand to play, you have to be patient and when you get your chance you have to do well. The club have always been nice to me but if I have to go eventually then I have to go. But I will work to do my best for United.”