The stories had been going around since yesterday afternoon that Anderson had been involved in a car accident.

Confirmed reports today reveal just how lucky Anderson is to not only still have his career in front of him, but his life too.

It’s hard to avoid going Hollywood on you here, as he was pulled “lifeless” from the burning wreckage of a car, before it exploded.

According to reports in Portugal, where the crash occurred, Anderson has picked up a reputation this summer for his partying lifestyle. He left the Sardinha Biba nightclub in the Geres area of Braga and crashed in to a wall at 7am. He was in a two-seater Audi R8 with a friend, Victor, and a Brazilian woman, and it is unknown who was driving.

The Gestifute agency, which represents Anderson, said Anderson had suffered an “almighty scare” but would be returning to Manchester to continue his rehabilitation, whilst a spokesperson for the hospital where Anderson spent a couple of hours talked of only “minor injuries”.

Anderson is now the centre of a police investigation in Portugal and could be up for drink driving charges.

This is not the ‘Manchester United way’ and I can only imagine what Sir Alex Ferguson is going to do when he gets wind of this. The midfielder’s attitude has been poor and getting involved in something like this is hardly proving to the manager he is taking his rehabilitation from injury and his United career seriously.

Anderson disappeared off to Brazil at the start of the year without the club’s permission, following limited playing time after some substandard performances.

“I went to Brazil to think about my future and not to negotiate with other clubs,” he said on his return. “This is very hard for me because I need minutes on the field during the coming matches. I always had a good relation with Ferguson. He has asked me for more effort and I accept that, but I need more chances to play in the first team. The decision not to ask me to travel to Milan was down to the coach. I just hope I have more luck and can play in the return game. I am a professional footballer and my responsibility is to United. Am I happy? I would say I am optimistic. If I play more games then I will be happy. But that is normal. Some European clubs have asked about me but, as far as I am concerned, my future is still with United. I am not finished here and I’m convinced that I can offer much to this team in the decisive moments of the season.”

That very same evening, Anderson started for United against West Ham and ruptured his cruciate.

Does he have a United future? We’re two weeks away from the start of the season, Anderson is supposed to be working hard to be back for the end of September, and he’s boozing it up until 7am in a club. I’ll back the manager whatever on this one. Not impressed, Ando.

Rewind three years: “I could not imagine I would ever get to work with a manager like Sir Alex Ferguson but it has happened. What can I say? It is a dream the size of the world. Ever since I was a boy I always wanted to play for Manchester United and now that dream has come true. I am very happy.”