Anderson was awarded with Tuttosport’s Golden Boy trophy ahead of our win over Sunderland at the weekend, recognising him at the best Under 21-year-old in Europe at the moment.

He has spoken about his pride in winning the award, after finishing third a couple of years ago, as well as reflecting on the talent of Arsenal’s Theo Walcott and Atletico Madrid’s Aguero.

“I’m flattered,” Anderson said. “This is my personal award after the second one I received three years ago in Peru as the best player of the World Cup U-17. It was the last time I could win the Tuttosport trophy in 2009 because I will be 21-years-old next year so I will no longer be eligible. I wanted it badly. Especially after the 3rd in 2006 when I was in Porto, behind Messi and Fabregas, two previous winners European Golden Boy.”

Walcott finished second, just three points behind Anderson, with Aguero coming in third, twenty points behind. Our Brazilian couldn’t care how close Walcott was to him though.

“What counts at the end it is the winner,” he said. “Just like in Moscow on May 21, the Champions League final ended with the trophy in our hands. And I did not care that we had to wait for penalties, suffering and praying when Terry has advanced to finish the game. All that counts is the winner.”

Anderson gave his opinion of his competitors, almost mentioned fourth placed Krkic, Barcelona’s 18-year-old striker.

“Walcott is a flash, speed personified,” added Anderson. “A boy with a great future, perhaps the most talented player currently in English football. Agüero is great, with the potential to be the next Maradona because besides his great technique, his strength and power is impressive. Krkic is also a good, but it is the youngest of all, a little rough around the edges. He must grow. Sometimes he makes things beautiful and then he spends weeks without doing anything spectacular.”