Two weeks after the Community Shield the papers ran a story that claimed Anderson kicked off when he found out he would be playing. The papers claimed that Anderson didn’t back down when confronted by the manager and therefore Sir Alex Ferguson was now ready to sell him.

Given that Anderson was in the squad for the first game of the season and started our second match, it was hardly likely that Ferguson was preparing to ship him out.

Regardless, Anderson has today admitted his frustration over being left out of the Community Shield team and he accepts that he has to do what the manager says in putting more effort in.

“I believed that I would play in the Community Shield but that is forgotten now,” said Anderson. “I thought that, without Cristiano Ronaldo around, I could play more and that has been my challenge from pre-season onwards. But the coach decides the teams and to discuss this with him is foolish because he is the chief. I do not want to leave United. No. Sir Alex Ferguson has demanded a bigger effort from me and I accept that. Because to get into this United team is very complicated and difficult for any player.”

Here’s a bit of advice for you lad. You take on the manager and you will lose, so keep your head down and get on with it.