Poor ol Kleberson. As if his stint at United wasn’t embarrassing enough, without Old Trafford’s favourite new chant having to bring back all the memories. Anderson, unlike his fellow Brazilian, is a top quality player and certainly is better than Kleberson.

“I have come from one big club to another so I am very happy,” Kleberson said in all seriousness after making the move from Manchester United to Turkish side Besiktas. He has now returned to Brazil and won a couple of trophies. Anderson won a couple of trophies last season too, but the Premiership title and European Cup are slightly more prestigious than the Brazilian cup competitions Kleberson got his hands on!

Anderson is loved by United fans worldwide but that love has not gone unnoticed, as is shown by this touching story involving our midfielder.

Nishok is a massive fan of Anderson and whilst his friends went off to the pictures to watch a film, he decided to watch the Brazilian Olympic team’s training session at the National Stadium. It was chucking it down with rain but this didn’t deter him.

As the team were winding down, Nishok burst in to song, shouting out the Anderson-son-son chant. Anderson responded with a wave, before chucking up his football boots, which he later signed. The lad burst in to tears, overcome by his hero making such a kind gesture.

Later, Anderson signalled to the press for Nishok to join him on the pitch, where Dunga took a picture of them. Our player chatted with the lad for five minutes before the media pounced on him, asking Nishok about what happened.

“I just felt that he should know that I’m his fan, so I started to sing,” he said. “And the crowd was getting quiet, and I wanted to make it livelier. His gesture was something I least expected. I thought he was just going to come over and say ‘hi’. His first words to me were, ‘How are you, my friend?’. Then, he asked me to sing him the song again, so that he could hear the lyrics clearly. I will remember this for the rest of my life.”

Anderson, what a bloody nice bloke!