Anderson signed for Manchester United in the summer of 2007. Less than a year later, he scored a penalty against Chelsea in the Champions League final to help us lift the trophy.

Speaking to Radio Grenal, Anderson has revealed what was going through his mind in the run up to taking the spot kit, after Ryan Giggs suggested he took a penalty.

I came on to take the penalty. I hadn’t touched the ball. I was sitting on the bench, Giggs looked and said: ‘Get Anderson to take one’. I said ‘Oh my’. I took the ball, it was the longest walk of my life.

I came with the ball, there is no way I wouldn’t be shaking. I was already shaking. I was terrified. The story of a club and our fans were on that side.

I went to the ball, I got the ball, I looked at that goalkeeper, who is a giant. Cech opened his arms, I said ‘oh, I’m f*****”, I’ll kick it hard, close my eyes and pray for the ball to go in. Then I took three, four steps, I closed my eyes, and the ball passed just by his hand.