Manchester United season ticket holder, Andy Cole, has praised our strikeforce today, claiming that Wayne Rooney is ready to fill Cristiano Ronaldo’s boots and that Dimitar Berbatov is ‘elegant’.

“Rooney has started the season really well,” said Cole. “He’s ready to step into Ronaldo’s shoes. His attitude is ‘I’m top, and I’m going to prove it’. He’s the man to get 25-30 goals this season.”

It’s not just Rooney that has impressed Cole but our other strikers too.

“It’s not easy coming to United in your first season,” he adds. “The spotlight is on you straight away and everyone expected Berbatov to get 30 goals last year. I don’t think he’s that type of player, but he brings something different to the team. He’s so elegant. Then there’s Michael Owen. There aren’t many natural finishers around. Sir Alex told me that if he keeps Owen fit he’ll get goals.”