Andy Cole has joined a long line of former players to still love the club after leaving. He spent just six of his nineteen year playing career with us but bought a season ticket for his son and himself and has settled down in Manchester.

Sadly, he will joining Paul Ince, who has returned to MK Dons with his tail between his legs after a disastrous period with Blackburn Rovers, to help out with their strikers.

“Introducing Andy Cole here just shows how we want to move forward,” said Ince. “We want a good strikers coach, it’s something a lot of teams do now and Coley has volunteered his services. It’s great because when you see someone like Andy Cole working with the likes of Jermaine Easter and Jemal Johnson his advice can only enhance their confidence. It’s early doors yet and Coley lives in Manchester so we’ll give it a couple of weeks and see how it goes.”