If they’re not getting tattoos of players they haven’t signed, they’re getting them of trophies they haven’t won. Now we’ve got another daft blue to add to the pile.

Proudly showing off the picture of his tattoo of the club mottoo on a City forum, it wasn’t long before fellow blues pointed out to “Chesney” that he had got it spelt wrong.

“Sorry to break this to you but I reckon you have a spelling mistake in there. The City motto is ‘Superbia in Proelio’, you have ‘Superbia en Praelio’,” said one fan.

Once his mistake had been made apparent, Chesney responded with “ive gone off the badge haha, oh well still love it!” to which another blue confessed he had made the same mistake too! “It’s Superbia in Proelia – I had mine done about 4 years ago and they done it with an Pro’a’lia but recently had it re-coloured and the correct spelling….”

What the fuck??

City decided that “pride in battle” was their motto in 1997 and Chesney got the tattoo at “Blood, Sweat and Tattoos” in Colne, paying £90.