Liverpool Football Club have released yet another incredible statement in response to the Luis Suarez racism case. After being found guilty of the charge of using an offensive word relating to Evra’s skin colour, “negro”, the club have responded very negatively, despite Suarez and all his witnesses admitting he used this word. Today they have announced they will not be appealing the decision, despite claiming that they believe he is totally innocent.

“Evra was deemed to be credible in spite of admitting that he himself used insulting and threatening words towards Luis and that his initial charge as to the word used was somehow a mistake.”

Evra was deemed a credible witness because wherever possible, his story was supported by everyone questioned, whether that was Marriner, Dowd, Giggs, Valencia, Chicharito, Nani or Anderson. In contrast, Suarez’s statement was contradicted by Dalglish, Comolli, and Kuyt. Suarez also admitted to lying, after initially telling the FA he pinched Evra to “defuse the situation”, when acknowledging this wasn’t the case at all. Also, Evra’s version of events was supported by the TV footage whereas Suarez’s version wasn’t. It is very easy to see why Evra was deemed credible and Suarez wasn’t.

“This case has also provided a template in which a club’s rival can bring about a significant ban for a top player without anything beyond an accusation.”

Suarez’s defence in the case, Peter McCormick OBE, acknowledged that this wasn’t one player’s word against another. For Liverpool to claim the opposite of this is astonishing.

In paragraph 215 of the report: “It was accepted by both Mr Greaney and Mr McCormick in closing submissions that this is not simply a case of one person’s word against another.”

Suarez’s statement was equally as unbelievable, with him still trying to argue that he called Evra “negro” in a friendly way.

“I would like to thank everyone so much for all the help and support I have received during these last few weeks,” he said. “Especially to all the fans who made sure I never felt let down for one second. During those days I understood more than ever what ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ means. In my country, ‘negro’ is a word we use commonly, a word which doesn’t show any lack of respect and is even less so a form of racist abuse. Based on this, everything which has been said so far is totally false. I will carry out the suspension with the resignation of someone who hasn’t done anything wrong.”

Suarez’s first game back following his eight match ban will be at Old Trafford. Cannot wait.