Although feeling some sympathy, Dimitar Berbatov has been getting on my nerves recently. My frustration probably lies with the fact we have yet another ‘transfer saga’ on our hands in trying to secure this deal and I’m fed up of hearing without him we’re going to win fuck all.

Berbatov had the chance to join United in 2006 but wasn’t prepared to wait for us. Whilst I think it is certainly admirable in some sense that he stuck with the club that followed him for longer, it evidently was the wrong decision. Now he’s sulking on the sidelines and signing Manchester United shirts and I can’t really be arsed with him.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll warm to him if we sign him and he starts bagging in the goals, but I suppose Cristiano Ronaldo’s behaviour this summer has left me wary to these types.

Regardless, it seems as though we’ve got Berbatov mark II on our hands, but this time, it’s a 17-year-old kid!

United have obviously shown interest in Jeremy Halan, who is a highly rated youngster currently under contract at Rennes. However, general manager Pierre Dreossi has told the lad he won’t be allowed to leave, which has caused him to withdraw himself from training.

“He has still not joined in training sessions,” Dreossi said. “He is under contract, but he wants to join Manchester United. The problem is we don’t want to sell. I can’t see how it could be possible for him to leave. He has signed a contract with his parents.”

Halan has now been banned from the France U-17 team until the situation is resolved, with Rennes asking the French League to take action.

What the fuck is happening to football?