Last season Rafael Benitez had the nerve to criticise Everton fans for the songs they were singing about Steven Gerrard, bringing to life the rumour that he isn’t actually the father of his wife’s children. Remember all those rumours about the scouse gangster called ‘Pancake’?

Well anyway, he blasted them for being disrespectful. Fair play, right? Well it would be, if his own fans weren’t singing about the Munich Air Disaster every time they played against United, sticking their arms out and doing their best aeroplane impressions. What’s an illegitimate kid in comparison to the deaths of 23 innocent people?

Well, Liverpool have added another tasteless chant to their song sheet, singing in full voice at Anfield.

Carlos Tevez, our goalscorer for the second season running at Old Trafford, has visible scars on his neck and chest, following an accident involving boiling water when he was a kid. Tevez spent two months in the intensive care unit after the third-degree burns threatened his life.

But who gives a shit, right? The Munich singing scum bags certainly don’t, and have invented a song for our ‘Argie cunt’.

“His neck scars prove he lost his head
Tevez Tevez
You’ll never shag a sexy bird
Tevez Tevez
You dirty Manc, you argie cunt
They’ve sewn your head on back to front
Carlos Tevez, Herman Monster’s son.”

Aww, those loveable scousers at it again eh?