The lovely people at have offered RoM readers the opportunity to win a United bike for free.

They are accepting entries from all over the World, so don’t be put off entering if you live outside the UK.

There are three bike sizes on offer, so if you think maybe you’re not quite cool enough to pull off a Manchester United bike, see if you can win it for your young lad or lass (will save a few quid at Christmas!)

Simply e-mail the answers to these questions to:

1.) Who, in 1999 became the first player since Norman Whiteside in 1984 to score a competitive goal for United on Italian soil in the 1-1 draw with Inter Milan?

2.) How many appearances has that player (answer to question 1) made for Manchester United?

3.) How many goals has that player (answer to question 1) scored for Manchester United?

Visit the forum for more info.

Three bike sizes: